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You mean, there was a horse race too?

May 18, 2015
AUTHOR: admin
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You may remember me complaining about how I wasn’t going to see my boyfriend for a while after our last wonderful date weekend. Well, finally, I got to see him again!

For a couple of weeks now, we’ve had plans to head down to Baltimore for the Infieldfest at Preakness. We bought our tickets over a month ago before the prices really started skyrocketing. Boyfriend was even lucky enough to get a Mug Club Ticket for under $100.

We got down to Baltimore on Friday afternoon. We stayed at the Motel 6- Baltimore West, which I booked through I have a special affinity for and wish that I had started using it sooner. You see, for every 10 nights you book in a hotel with them, you earn one free! At first I was so off put by this- I would never actually earn it. It wouldn’t be worthwhile, etc. Well, between traveling for football games, weddings, business trips, and everything else going on, I’ve already accumulated 12 nights this year! That all being said, I redeemed one of them this weekend. How cool is that? The hotel we stayed in was slightly more expensive that the $79.99 credit I earned, but they subtracted the credit and we only had to pay the difference. Our total for two nights of stay at what was actually a really, really nice Motel 6 (but really, we probably spent an hour discussing how nice it really was), including taxes and fees, was under $120. Also, I just printed (and will mail tomorrow) a rebate form for $20 back! Not. too. shabby.

If you’re interested in a $40 coupon towards, fill out my contact form here and I will email it to you!

The “we” I’ve been referencing is the we you see pictured below. (AT&T, if you’re reading this, we would make the perfect “Raising the Bar” commercial.) It was my boyfriend and I, as well as my boyfriend’s roommate and his girlfriend (who is a cadet). Maybe I was the only civilian in the room. Okay, I was the only civilian in the room. Anyway, the four of us had discussed briefly going to the Orioles game since it was student night at tickets were dirt cheap ($6!). When we sat down and discussed it, though, we realized that none of us had an affinity for baseball.

We decided instead to just go out to dinner at the Inner Harbor. We took an Uber downtown. Uber is an on-demand taxi-like service. In Baltimore, it is way, way, way cheaper than any cabs, so it was absolutely the smart move. If you’re interested in signing up with Uber, I’d appreciate it if you used my referral code. It will earn you $20 in free credit! Really, sign up here!


Down at the beautiful Inner Harbor, the boys got wrangled into participating in a street performer’s show. Really, they just were being used for their muscles. Street performers are (usually) so great to watch. It’s such a great show and for such little money (just tips!).

Next, we decided, when in Baltimore, must do seafood. Rather than the typical, overpriced chain restaurants, we hit one that had a sign out front that said “#1 Happy Hour in the Country.” Hate to break it to y’all but they lied. The food was great. Even reasonably priced, considering where we were. The folks at the bar, though, where we sat for Happy Hour Drinks before being seated at our table. Nope, not happy at all.

After that and a long walk around the downtown area- exploring some malls, sharing some cheesecake, and running through fountains, we decided it was time to head back because the next day would be an early morning.

We went to Erin’s friend’s home in the morning because we would be driving with them to the stadium (parking was $65!!!). His mom welcomed us with some delicious homemade breakfast that was to die for.

Eventually, we made our way off to the stadium and into the Infield where we spent the rest of the day. It was crazy how many different people were there from so many different parts of my life.

In this picture, for example, you have my boyfriend and I. To the far right, though, is a gentleman who is high school friends with one of the guy’s in Casey’s company and also happens to be a high school friend of one of a member of my Venture for America cohort! The guy next to him is a 2014 VFA fellow. There were a ton of fellows there and it was so nice meeting so many of the non-Baltimore fellows who I hadn’t met yet! But really, how small is the world?

The night ended in a bit of a rain disaster. The sky opened and fell on us- but even worse, on my phone. We were completely soaked to the bone. As was my phone. Lucky for me, it was off the whole time and is, at least, working. There is, though, visible water damage to the screen. Last night the camera was also fuzzy, but I think that’s pretty much dried out. Fingers crossed that another night in rice will do the trick.

Apparently, American Pharaoh won the race. We never really stuck around to watch it. Overall, though, I had an amazing time with amazing friends. I would do it over again (but with a plastic bag for my phone) a thousand times.

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