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The Future

May 20, 2015
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Remember how I said I was down in Baltimore over the weekend? Well, if you missed it, you can read about my trip here.  Anyway, I was walking into the strip mall down at the Inner Harbor when we saw a sign for a psychic. I decided to walk up to this psychic who wanted $10 to tell me when I was going to graduate from college and meet the love of my life. Lots of people believe in the power of psychics. I am not one of those people. That being said, when I walked into her vicinity, the old woman said “I’ve been waiting for you.” She probably says that to everyone, but I do have to applaud her for her word choice.

Anyway, running into her really brought to the forefront something I’ve been thinking about for some time now: the future. Here’s the strange thing: the future isn’t that far away right now. I mean it. I graduate college in a couple of weeks. Many folks I’ll be working with have already graduated! School is ending. I’m done writing papers. The weather is changing, literally. The future is right around the corner.

So this month’s B Bar Link Up is especially relevant.

Actually, it’s been really on my mind as it was the last page I did in my May #ListersGottaList Challenge. Well sorta. You see the challenge on the third was “Things I Commit to doing in June”, so of course the answer was graduate! But look more closely.. in the bottom right corner.. yep, do you see it?


I’ll help you out. It’s a bulleted list that reads as follows:

  • Social Media Course
  • Google Analytics Course
  • Read 2 books
  • Start a new stitch project

The goals I set for myself were all about pushing myself to do more, to do better, and to do more better. For our sake here, let’s go down the list.

Social Media Course: I’m planning on taking the Hoot Suite University Certification course starting really soon. They have a discount for institutions of higher education, so I’ve been working to get that, though, I may have looked into it too close to graduation. If not, I’m going to have to squeeze the money somewhere, but I really want to do it this summer. Eventually, I’d also like to take the NISM Certification Exam, but with that dollar sign, it will have to be some time from now. Maybe my Christmas present…

Google Analytics course: Actually, I’ve already started this. They have different levels of courses, but I’m just going through the modules for the Beginner Level and am hoping to get through the Intermediate Level by the end of June. It’s worth mentioning that right now I’m only working on things that are relevant- Google Analytics Platform, Digital Analytics, and Ecommerce Analytics. I don’t need App analytics just yet. Maybe down the road.

By Charles Martin

Read 2 books: I am currently working on my May books, but in June I hope to get through Wrapped in Rain by Charles Martin which I got as a gift in my Books ‘n’ Bloggers Swap. I’m really open to the second one, so leave comments down below!

Start a new stitch project: Call me an old grandma, but I love stitching. I’ve fallen more and more in love with it every day and have gotten better at working at it every day! I have one needlepoint piece that will be a wedding present  currently at the finisher. I have a needlepoint piece that needs to be dropped off at the finisher. Finally, I am wrapping up a cross stitch gift for my boyfriend’s mom. I have a cross stitch kit that I got from the interwebs, but, in totally honesty, I’m not a fan, so I’ll return it or swap it or something. I spoke to Boyfriend about trying my hand at a belt, so maybe we’ll do that next!

Some other things you can do today to learn something new: sign up for a daily email from the Skimm (which I blogged about here), sign up for a High Brow newsletter, join a free course on Coursera, listen to a podcast,  and write down a new question then look up the answer.

These goals that I set are just a peak at how I’m constantly working to push myself to be a better version in the future. Now it’s your turn: How are you pushing yourself to learn every day?

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