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Back from the finisher

June 1, 2015
AUTHOR: admin
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Yesterday, I posted this adorable ornament up from the finisher on my creative Insta.

I picked it up from the finisher on Wednesday! That gave me enough time to beautifully wrap it for Carol and Kiko’s Wedding.

I like personal gifts. Those who know me well know that there’s a special place in my heart for stitched, painted, and homemade projects made with love, There is something so much more personal and special about a gift that no one else, no one in the world, has.

This piece was came out really beautiful, too! It’s an ornament on a pink and white ribbon. The green floss I used on the front is kind of sheer and allowed the sparkle was underneath to come through without being overpowering (which I thought it was on the original canvas). I used gray for the miscellaneous dots on the canvas. I thought the coral/pink ribbon complemented the green perfectly. The rings I did in a shinny gold, and the diamond in an even shinier white. You couldn’t miss that diamond from a mile away!

I’d tell you about the wedding but I (read:my feet) are still recovering…

You can see more of my stitching projects here.

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