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2016 Goals In Review

December 31, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Welcome to a Review of how I did on my 2016 Year-Long Goals.

If you’re new to Burke Does, you may be wondering why I would want to publish my goals and share my failures and vulnerabilites right with my successes. You can simply skip to the next section if you’re not new here.

This all started out as I learned to set goals. After many months of setting goals where I was never successful, I have learned to set goals that are meaningful and help me towards my bigger aim. I use my Powersheets from the Cultivate What Matters shop to help me stay focused on my big picture goals.

I set weekly goals over on Emilie’s To Do Lists. This is part of my goal-setting system. I set my big-picture (6-month or 12-month) goals at the beginning of each year. Every month, I spend time deciphering what I will take on to get me towards my bigger goals by setting the monthly goals you will see below. Every week I actively work towards my goals by making a plan to do so.

I use the system that I learned in Asana for Bloggers to manage the different aspects of my life. As not-a-fulltime-blogger, I have to use productivity systems to help me manage my life. I spent most of my 2016 focusing on establishing productivity systems that helped me get to where I am today.

If you’re interested in starting to change your productivity now, you can download my Weekly Kickstart to help you get things going!

2016 Goals

I set ten goals in 2016. It was my first year of really committing to my Powersheets goal-setting methodology. I set the goals in the beginning of the year and refined them each quarter, as the year developed and my life changed.

How did I do?

Grow Burke Does. Specifically: BD is generating 10 K page view per month and I will complete EBA. // FAIL. Nope, Unfortunately While Burke Does had great months this year, the site did not hit 10K page views every month. And I didn’t complete EBA. My home is that I will complete EBA when it relaunches this spring as part of an accountability group. I hope that will help me get to where I want to be.

Productivity. Specifically: Boost productivity by having perfected my asana system and having email inbox system in order again. // SUCCESS! The whole planning system I’ve got going right now- Powersheets > Planner > Weekly Goals > Blog in Asana – and my emails are in great shape. Huge huge win here.

Finances. Specifically: Be down to only ECSI and Upstart loans by the end of 2016; Generate enough freelance income for the Holidays. // MIXED RESULTS. I did not go into additional debt for the holidays this year (big deal!! remember, I’m the worst at the holidays!), but I also still have two credit cards to pay off before I get to my ECSI and Upstart loans, not to mention I also bought out a car with a car loan. Ugh. Major fail there.

Fitness. Specifically: Compete in at least one competition before the end of the year. // SUCCESS! My original goal here was “Get into the best shape of my life.” I have to say that was an overwhelming success. I am in much better shape physically than I’ve ever been as an adult. That being said, lots of room for improvement. For this specific goal, I competed in two Crossfit competitions in the last Q of 2016. They were Crossfit for Carson at Crossfit QFE in Lumberton, NC where I placed 10th in scaled women and the Ferus Games at Crossfit Ferus in Fayetteville, NC where I placed 5th in scaled women.

Social. Specifically: Put down roots here at Bragg. // SUCCESS! As much as one can, I think I was really successful here. I had no idea what to expect of the local community, but thanks to the dear friends I’ve made here (Hi Angie! Hi Katie! Hi Ellen!) I feel like this is my home.

Learning. Specifically: Complete Rails 5; Apply to _______ program // MIXED RESULTS. I’m not ready to talk specifics here before career stuff is sensitive to write about, but let’s just call this “Mixed” and leave it at that.

Build. Specifically: Build debt-snowball calculated with R and/or Ruby on Rails. // MIXED RESULTS. No, but I did build lots of really cool things this year. There is one project I’m in the middle of that I know I should finish, though.

Read. Specifically: 24 books by the end of 2016! (Up from Goodreads challenge of 20) // SUCCESS! I ended up reading 26 books this year!! Even more than my “upped” goal!

Stitch. Specifically: Find a small needlepoint project to finish. // FAIL. I did get my North Carolina needlepoint ornament, but I did not finish it in time. I hope to finish it in January!

Savor. Specifically: Love Casey with my whole being. // I feel weird giving myself a score here, so I won’t. This year our whole relationship changed. For the first half of the year we were long-distance and he was in the field every other week. We lived by Facetime and for long weekends. Then we were sharing a home. Things were so different and I’ve loved every second of it. Then our family grew with the addition of Bo. My heart is so full and so happy.

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