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2016 Year in Review

December 31, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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I first wrote a Year in Review post at the end of 2015. It was a great way to create a snapshot of the year at a glance and I found the process to be extremely fun. The years were so different- transitioning from student to being adult full-time in 2015 and just being an adult fill-time in 2016 but managing a move. Two very different years, but so very important to my individual growth. Let’s recap this year!

I rang in the New Year in Baltimore with Casey. It was nice to watch the fireworks over the harbor from the comfort of my apartment. I traveled to Indiana for work. I officially made the transition from player to referee and got my rugby referee certification. I dove right in and started doing 2-5 games per week. I fell in love with my Hungry Harvest subscription. I survived Winter Storm Jonas and the ridiculous amount of snowfall in Baltimore and celebrated Venture Weekend.

I got to see Casey again. We traveled to Charleston and saw Garth Brooks. Casey and I celebrated our third Valentine’s Day. I attended the Baltimore Rails School for Women with my coworkers. I refereed every single weekend.

I went home (NJ) briefly so that I could speak at my high school’s career day. I also got to see my godson whom I love dearly and don’t get to see enough. I got to celebrate the impending arrival of Baby Ryan at Carol’s Baby Shower and referee’d Four Leafs tournament in NYC.

I galavanted around Baltimore more and attended my first Night at the Walters event. I wished my sister a happy 21 from afar. I got to referee at the Atlanta 7s Festival as part of the Try On Rugby Initiative. Casey graduated from IBOLC. I got to celebrate Frank and Johanna getting married in Cleveland. Casey and I attended the Spread the Love Tour (Old Dominion, Sam Hunt, Miranda Lambert, and Kenny Chesney). Casey and I made the decision for me to move to Fort Bragg. I started saying goodbye to Baltimore.

Dad visited Baltimore. I got to watch Laura graduate from college!!!!!!!! I visited Miami. I said goodbye to Baltimore. I went back to New Jersey. I moved to North Carolina. I refereed at the College 7s Championships in Cary, NC.

I refereed Airborne 7s and RCTs. I really started to get into the habit of reading. I turned 23 in a new home (certainly not the best birthday). I spent a lot of time at the pool. I got my new desk for my home office. I visited Providence for VFA Reunion.

Casey and I visited Nashville for the 4th of July. We adopted Bo. I visited Baltimore and got to participate in the FEFS Summit with Allovue.

I started doing Crossfit. My dad visited. Really started getting settled in my new home. I visited Southern Pines for the first time.

I really spent a lot of time bonding with Bo. My car broke down. I really started getting to know people here. Kelly came through town. I went to San Francisco for #FinCon and Baltimore for work. Sarah made delicious pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

We went to Illinois for the LaRocque wedding. I hit a 220 lb deadlift. I competed in my first Crossfit competition. I referee’d at Rucktoberfest at App State.

I bought a new car. I voted (!!). I visited Nashville for a day. We visited Richmond with Kelly and Chad. We saw Garth Brooks in Richmond. I bettered my snatch. We had Thanksgiving at the Barthels. Casey got promoted to 1LT.

I competed in my second Crossfit competition, the Ferus Games. I tried aerial fitness for the first time. Casey and I were separate for our third anniversary- for the third anniversary in a row. I spent a week in Nashville. We spent Christmas Dinner with the Baileys. We saw the Hawks with Casey’s family in Raleigh. We celebrated New Year’s Even dancing in our living room with Bo.

What an amazing year.

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