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2017 Quarter 1 Spending Ban: Cosmetics, Books, and Clothes

January 17, 2017
AUTHOR: Emilie
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In the middle of last year, I issued my own categorical spending ban. For quarter three- July, August, and September- I told myself I was not going to spend any money on books or cosmetics. I was successful and did not violate my ban once!

Going into quarter four- October, November, and December- I reflected on my progress and was really pleased with myself. I made some progress getting rid of half-used things around the house. When Hurricane Matthew hit North Carolina, I gathered all the unopened cosmetics in the house and donated them all. The frugal part of me was happy because I didn’t have to just throw great things away; the aspiring minimalist in me was happy to get those out of the house! Proud of all the progress I made, I decided to expand the ban into that quarter.

Unfortunately, I was not as successful in quarter 4. I broke my spending ban three times. I bought two bottles of dry shampoo and and two books: Make It Happen by Lara Casey and Grace Not Perfection by Emily LeyMake It Happen was so good!

The goal of these spends is not just to absolutely forbid spending but to forbid frivolous spending when I have so much already.

Going into this next year, I’m going to be extending my ban. In addition to not being allowed to spend on Cosmetics and Books this quarter, I’m going to also not spend any money on CLOTHES. Yes, you read that correctly! With a recently acquired LLR addiction, it will be hard, but I do not need any more clothes! I have so much hanging up in my closet and in my drawers that I never wear! WHY AM I COLLECTING CLOTHES?!

This quarter, I will go through my drawers and closets (yet again) for a purge. In that, I will REMOVE EVERYTHING I have from the draws and closet. Then I’ll go through what I have and think deliberately about what’s going to get to stay. Hopefully, I’ll have some more clothes to donate! I’ll own less (without going the whole minimalist/capsule wardrobe route yet because I’m not ready) and hopefully get more use out of what I own.

I will not buy any more clothes, including workout gear, lingerie and underthings, shoes, or dresses. I may borrow or rent a dress for the upcoming ball, but I will not buy one.

As always, the rules of my category spending ban still apply:


  1. I cannot buy things in these categories (cosmetics, books, and clothes).
  2. I can be gifted these things, but I cannot ask for them as gifts.
  3. I can do book exchanges with friends and pay postage on those exchanges, but I cannot buy new books for these exchanges and I must read the books I get from these exchanges.

When are you trying not to spend on this quarter?

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