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3 Free Things To Do With Your Pup šŸ¶

March 20, 2018
AUTHOR: Emilie
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I’ve always been a very routine-driven person. I love love love being able to reduce my decision fatigue and just know what is going to happen next. I’ve shared my morning routines over and over and over and over again. Even though I thrive in routine, I recognize that there is a need for flexibility. For me, flexibility most often looks like recognizing that a routine isn’t working for me, adjusting the relevant parts that aren’t working, and implementing the new version of the routine until it is a habit.

I’m not the only one affected by my routines. While C’s ever coming-and-going (#thanksArmy) is often the reason for some of the changes in my routines, it’s Bo who most often feels the effects. For example, when we moved, Bo went from having his own .3 acre back yard to… well, needing to be walked.

The reality, though, is that he is much more of a champ than I am when it comes to changing his routines. We’re still trying to understand what mornings look like in our new home, but he’s always ready for whatever I have in store for him.

Whenever possible, I try to take Bo on adventures, getting him out of the house feels as good for me as it does for him. Of course, doggy things can get expensive fast, so I keep a running list of free or inexpensive things we can do together. You can download the list as a Todoist template for yourself! Free (or Inexpensive) Things To Do With Your Pup šŸ¶

Go to the Dog Park

I try to get Bo to the dog park at least twice a day. I think it’s a little bit nicer than just walking. I also usually take it as an opportunity to check our mail, as the mailboxes are right next to the dog park, or read a book while enjoying some fresh air. Going to the dog park costs nothing more than the plastic bag I have to use to pick up his poop.

Go get some ice cream

Is anyone else’s dog obsessed with soft-serve? If Bo has been really great, we’ll both get treated to soft-serve, which is a great way to get outside in a place other than just the dog park. Usually, there is a crowd, which forces him to be reminded about how to be on his best behavior. At home, Bo cuddles with me in bed and on the couches. I’m pretty lax at, but it’s a great reminder to him that he needs to be on his best behavior when we’re with other people.

Take him to run errands

Especially when C is gone, I love to take Bo with me to run the errands I can. There are many stores that I need to visit that are pup-friendly, especially Tractor Supply, where I get most of Bo’s food. If I have to run errands to keep him alive, he might as well come for the ride, right? It becomes a fun outing for the two of us that also let’s me cross something off the list. I love Tractor Supply because I can concisely get the best deals and pricing, especially on PurinaĀ® dog food. Their Purina Days are coming up for the fifth year in a row, and you can save even more on their already great prices. There’s a free standing insert in the newspaper fromĀ running from 3/28 to 4/2, making it easier to save even more! You can find your local Tractor Supply Co store with their nifty store locator.Ā  Itā€™s the perfect time to stock up.

Our local Tractor Supply also has regular pet clinics and a pet washing clinic. Since we were living in North Carolina, it has been my go-to for Bo care.

When I visited last week, Bo was home cuddling on the couch with C, so he didn’t come with me to run errands, but I wanted to stock up on his favorite foods before I left on my trip to Chile. While there I picked up Purina ONEĀ® SmartBlendĀ® Chicken & Rice and PurinaĀ® Pro PlanĀ® SavorĀ® Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice. Bo likes it when we mix up his food, but I like to be able to trust the brand he’s eating in Purina.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Tractor Supply is offering many special pricing offers at Tractor Supply. For example, I noticed the opportunity to save $5 on Purina ONEĀ® SmartBlendĀ® Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food in the 40 lb bag, and if you bought two 24 lb bags of the PurinaĀ® Pro PlanĀ® SavorĀ®, you can get two 13-oz. Cans Free.

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