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4 Tips for Saving Money While Moving into your First Apartment

September 7, 2015
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Both, Emilie and I, have had the opportunity to have to move within a week of eachother. I was the lucky one because I got her to come help me while she would have to do her moving on her own. Moving is hard work. Between having to buy furniture, trying to figure out where you can save some money, and having to deal with an empty kitchen – you don’t realize how expensive things are until you go to cook dinner and realize you forgot to buy basics like salt.

Save Money While Moving
My tips and tricks for moving into my first college apartment

(finally out of the dorms. Yayyyy!).

  1. Pay attention to what your room offers. My room did not have a light, so I knew I would have to buy a lamp. It also was not furnished so I would have to decide what furniture was necessary and how I could make it fit.
  2. Take advantage of what you already own. This is probably the most important one. A lot of people, especially me, don’t always seem to know everything they own until they are unpacking and find things they forgot they had. The only furniture I had to buy for my room is a lamp and a bed – I actually just got a box spring and a matress and dressed it up with a nice skirt. I do not have a desk, but I have a dining room table in the apartment, and generally do work on my bed or on the floor. This is also a good way to motivate yourself to go to the library. Most of my decorations were things I acquired over the years so I didn’t really have to buy much décor.
  3. Sell what you don’t need. I, like many others, have a tough time ridding myself of thing I feel I might need in the future. My advice: don’t. I kept a mini-fridge and microwave in storage all summer instead of selling them at the end of last year and thankfully I finally sold them, but if you don’t need it, don’t keep it. The same goes for clothes. A lot of colleges have sell and swap pages, so do sororities and some towns, so take advantage of them. If you don’t need it, make a little extra cash and give yourself a little extra space.
  4. Take advantage of your friends who arrived before you. This is a must. Take advantage of the people you know who are in the area. Offer to buy them dinner if they help you hang up clothes. Having someone to hang out with as you work not only makes time go by faster, but it also cuts your workload in half.

This was the final result:

Tips for Saving Money While Moving


What did you do to make your first move less painful?


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