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6 months sans Instagram + Summer bed time

July 4, 2019
AUTHOR: Emilie
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I think this week marked 6 months without Instagram.

The realization popped into my head today. I think the digital hoarder in me feels some comfort in knowing it’s there if I choose to reactivate my account. Some time soon I will probably just download + delete soon.

I do sometimes find myself taking pictures and thinking about how it’s would look so good on insta. Or, sometimes I come up with (what I think are) witty captions, and I pause and think about how it’s a good caption- as if I have to caption my life?

I captioned this one “Chasing to New Heights.”

I am experiencing this loop of

  • Wanting to get the shot
  • Questioning why I want to get the shot

Same for Facebook, though I do find myself in situations where I wish “they” just had an email newsletter instead of a Facebook group because I am actually missing out on things.

Summer of Sleep

I generally think of #selfcare in the way it’s used is indulgence which is different from actual self care. I set this on my schedule last week and I’m trying to figure out if it’s indulgence or just extra care.

Without TV, I am less called to my spot on the couch. It’s a bit ambitious but I usually am.

New favorite 0 point snack

Siggi’s in plain and local Georgia peaches I bought from the stand down the road. Fast and delish.

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