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April 2016 Goals

April 4, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Social Media Check-in

March: Twitter, 1225; Instagram, 2279; Pinterest, 766; Facebook, 533; Bloglovin, 384 = 5187
April: Twitter, 1415 (+190); Instagram, 2271 (-8); Pinterest, 1009 (+243); Facebook, 539 (+6); Bloglovin, 562 (+178) = 5796 (+609), 11.7%

DOUBLE DIGITS, Oh my goodness! For a relaxer month, I’m frankly shocked by how we did! I think a large part of this growth is our Pinterest growth which I’m think was from taking the plunge and investing in Tailwind. No surprise here, but our Pinterest traffic has had a huge jump, as a result. I am very pleased. Just to give you an idea, as of the moment I’m writing this, I have about 1500 (not a typo) pins in my queue, with my pinning 10-30 times per day. I had actually prepared myself to see very little growth this month, but I’m taking this as an affirmation that staying true to myself is super important. If you build it, they will come, right?

March Goals

Blog // Build out As Seen On Page. FAIL. We focused on other things instead.
Blog // Finalize editorial calendar skeleton SUCCESS. I shared a little about what is coming next on Burke Does here.
Blog // Parts 2.o, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0 of the Blog Business Plan with my blogger friend and accountability buddy Sarah. SUCCESS. Yes! Is this something you’d like to be shared here? Let me know!

Emilie // Theme of the Month: Minimalism – Spend less, Do less, Focus more SUCCESS. I was so careful about my spending this month that I stayed way under budget, saved for next month, saved for travel, and paid off a ton of debt!
Emilie // Home: Reorganize Closet! SUCCESS. I hung everything up until I ran out of hangers!
Emilie // Me Time: At least one mani/pedi. Please, Emilie, do it for yourself. You budget will give you room and you need to take care of yourself too. Remember an athlete’s greatest tool. SUCCESS. Yes, I was so happy with myself. I felt so good!
Emilie // Health/Fitness: Try a beep test. FAIL. Meh, it’s hard to find a field and a timer, but I did a ton of rugby things, so I’m happy.
Emilie // Financial: Pay off $500 in debt AND Save Flex Money for Georgia, Goal:$150, Stretch: $200. SUCCESS. I’m gonna call this an all around success! I paid off a huge chunk of debt and saved $475 for upcoming expenses.
Emilie // Be Social: Buy or make something special for Carol’s baby shower this month SUCCESS. Her baby shower was so cute. Look at the size of that belly!
Emilie // Dream Big: Submit HPE Proposal! FAIL. Nope, but I shared why earlier this month.

Laura//Spend less money because I’m currently on vacation and vacation is very expensive. SUCCESS. I’ve been cooking ALOT more and making sure to take lunch with me, even if it’s something like a hot pocket.
Laura// Try 3 new foods. SUCCESS. Definitely did. Lobster empanadas. Mofongo. And real ramen from the Chinese place.
Laura// Do something adventurous! SUCCESS. I hiked El Yunque Rainforest and went ziplining there!

Goal Setting is hard, but we're happy to be your accontability buddies! These April goals from Burke Does make so much sense. I wonder if I could set these goals too.

On to April…

Blog // Think threw categories and tags
Blog // Review featured images
Blog // As Seen on Page

Emilie // Theme of the Month: Reunited and it feels so good
Emilie // Home: Purge craft stuff and try to sell some of it
Emilie // Me Time: Date night
Emilie // Health/Fitness: Gym dates with my handsome boyfriend
Emilie // Financial: Stay under budget, despite travels
Emilie // Be Social: Finalize the plans for the Conroy Wedding & start making plans for the Eckstrom Wedding!
Emilie // Dream Big: Start getting price quotes for movers

Laura // To be honest no matter the situation or the possible consequences
Laura // To be more money savvy considering I am preparing for graduation and excepting a job in the real world
Laura // Creating an outline budget for next year with possible salary base by location and the possible job

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