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August 2017 Goals

August 1, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Can you believe it’s August already? I certainly can’t. In my true #schoolnerd fashion, though, I love that the first of this month is on a Monday! I always post my blogging goals the first Monday of the month, but sometimes that can be the 7th of the month which means that we’re already a week in, even though it’s only the first Monday of a month. This Monday being the first clearly makes me giddy.

Social Media Check-in

July: Twitter, 1401 (+0); Instagram, 2262 (+8); Pinterest, 1146 (+75); Facebook, 561 (+4); Bloglovin, 570 (-1) = 5940 (+86), 1.4%
August: Twitter, 1381 (-20); Instagram, 2268 (+6); Pinterest, 1156 (+10); Facebook, 558 (-3); Bloglovin, 569 (-1) = 5932 (-8), negligible

I track these each month because they’re cool to have, but I learned a couple of months ago that these really can’t matter all that much. My worth is not dictated my Twitter followers who unfollow me because I don’t #followback. This 8 follower loss really is a negligible amount. This month I’m going to focus mostly on Instagram.

July Goals

Blog // Write more aka Build Content Bank. I’m hoping to build up my writing some more so that writer’s block doesn’t kill the blog the way it did this month.
Nope. This was another month slammed by writer’s block. Words are hard to put on paper when they don’t flow. I have some ideas, like making a written “template” for posts that I have to hand fill out first, but we’ll see.

Blog // Create a blog writing schedule. I’m hoping to get into a routine of batch writing, batch image producing, etc. I’m going to be testing different schedules to do that a couple of times.
Nope. Writer’s block affects a lot of things. Including the motivation to write.

Home: Stitch 60 minutes per week. I’m trying to bring stitching back into my life. Part of this is going to include bringing my stitching back into the living room.
Nope. I did stitch a little though! I shared a picture on the Instagram. 

Learn: This Udacity Course. This is part of my the Learning Path from Springboard that I’m working on.
Nope. In the second week of the month I realized that I absolutely did not want to learn Python. I scrapped this because goals are tough.

Me Time: Read 2 books. I’ve been reading pretty well, but I want to keep making this a priority.
Nope. I didn’t read finish ANY books this month. #rough

Health & Fitness: Start BBG 1.0. I’m going to be trying this on the Sweat with Kayla app! Have you ever tried this?
Yes! I did one month of BBG, but will not be continuing to do it.

Financial: 30 hours of Freelance Work as *extra* income (aka while sticking to the budget!!). I’ve been doing a bad job of sticking to my budget so any “extra” income has covered that difference, instead of going toward my debt snowball, like I had hoped. I’m hoping to get back into the right behavior patterns this month!
Nope. I worked on some pitches, but I really didn’t do well on the freelancing front. I did, though, do really well on the debt-snowball though!

Be Social: Go to three events to meet new people. Constantly putting myself out there! That’s the only way I’m going to meet people.
Yes! I did this! I’m trying so hard to just keep meeting people.

Dream Big: Write a feelings reflection. I’m trying to brain dump more to help keep me in a writing habit!
Yes! I shared my weekly reflections here.

Emilie sets new goals for the month of August. Goal-setting can be hard but when they're focused, you slowly learn to crush them. Emilie Burke of Burke Does

August Goals

Blog // Finish SEO Summer School. I’ve had this course since June 1. I neeeeeed to get this done this month! There’s absolutely no reason not to. No excuses!!

Productivity // Create a life schedule for M-F. Given all the requirements of the many, many things I’ve got going on, I neeeeeeeeed to get a routine going on. I’m going to really be trying to figure it out. This is part of why I’m going to be writing about Morning Routines a lot this month (assuming I can get past my writer’s block).

Financial // Generate $250 in Freelance Income. Yep, I know I’ve got at least $50 coming, so I’m going to brainstorm new ways to do this. Pitches. Pitches. Pitches. I’m hoping that my Shield Sisters Initiative community can help me get with this. Otherwise, I may consider getting a freelance-specific coach like Carrie.

Fitness // Crossfit 4x/week. I joined my local Crossfit. The coaches have all been really amazing so far and I’m really excited to build community in this too! Getting into better shape and meeting new people. It seems like Crossfit could be a double win for what my current needs are. I spent a lot of money on it, so I’m going to be really committed to it.

Social // Keep putting myself out there! Especially since the boys are going to be gone this month, there’s lots of opportunity to meet new people!

Learn // Stay on track with my Smartly MBA. I was really lucky to be one of the first in the beta cohort of the Smartly MBA, so I need to stay on track to really get everything I can out of this. Also, it’s required in order to graduate on time, so win-win by staying on-top of my shit.

Build // Finish my OneMonth HTML Course and start something new. I’ve really been enjoying my class so far. I look forward to wrapping it up and making progress on my coding track. I’ve really enjoyed this. In addition to learning a ton, the OneMonth classes have been great for my learning about coding. They really have been pleasurable, so I don’t think it’ll be difficult to get these done. There’s a 20% off coupon to One Month HERE*.

Read // Two books. I didn’t read at all last month and I know that I’m better than that. I’m setting the goal to get back into morning reading but with my casual read, currently: Laura Vanderkam’s I Know How She Does It*. I finally got my new book shelves, so I hope to reorganize them and get through a couple of the books on those shelves!

Stitch // Finish Archer’s Towel. I need to get this towel done by Thursday so that Casey can give it to Archer’s parents before they go… away. I know this is only a goal for the week but it’s a nice dose of some stitching I haven’t done in a while.

Savor // Keep at it with my weekly reflections. I’ve been doing a great job of taking time to refocus and think about how I’m doing every single weekend before heading into the next week. I really want to keep on with this. I’ve felt it’s had a really positive effect on my productivity and staying focused on my goals.

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