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Last Week in Workouts // W42

October 15, 2018
AUTHOR: Emilie

Do you ever see someone’s life from the outside and ask How does she do it? When I read Laura Vanderkam’s , I got a behind-the-scenes peek into what other women’s lives were like, and it was life-changing. I had real examples of what their schedules were like! That a-ha moment is what I’m hoping to…

Last Week in Workouts // W41

October 8, 2018
AUTHOR: Emilie

Again this week, I’m sharing my week in workouts. This is an insight into real life workouts for a regular unathletic person. It’s important to remember that doing something is usually better than doing nothing. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I shared yesterday that Progress is not a Straight Line. This is me sharing all…

Progress is not a straight line.

October 7, 2018
AUTHOR: Emilie

Amanda was the first workout we did when we moved from The Ranch in 2010 to the Home Depot Center (now the StubHub Center). I programmed the event in memory of Amanda Miller, a 2009 Crossfit Games competitor who was diagnosed with melanoma. “I just competed in the CF Games less than a year ago…

Saturday Morning (Afternoon) Tea // October

October 6, 2018
AUTHOR: Emilie

Holy Batman, it’s October. We are now less than 50 days from the wedding and less than 100 days from the end of the year. C is home and we’re back in a swing here. Things are feeling good 😄 Today is really epitomizes how nice it’s been to just get into a swing. Here’s…

Last Two Weeks in Workouts // W39 & W40

October 1, 2018
AUTHOR: Emilie

In this week’s installment of workouts, I’d like to remind you that this is real life. I am far from perfect, but this is what the reality of life looks like. Spending a week on vacation, followed by a week at three (!!!) conferences means that some things fall to the back burner. That is true…