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Last Week in Workouts // W49

December 10, 2018
AUTHOR: Emilie

Reading Time: 3 minutes Writing these “Last Week in Workouts” forces me to sit down and challenge the thoughts I have in my head about who I am. My notion has been that I’m someone who works out five days/week but typing these up forces me to reckon with the reality, that I’m not. I’m someone who works out frequently enough…

Last Two Weeks in Workouts // W47 & W48 // I GOT MARRIED

December 3, 2018
AUTHOR: Emilie

Reading Time: 2 minutes Short, quick update because life has been insane right now. Tuesday 11/20 Thursday 11/29 Tuesday 11/20 I was in New Jersey prepping for wedding stuff, so I dropped into CrossFit Paradise in Union, NJ. This is the Box that my sister has been frequenting. I forgot to write down the details of the WOD but it…

Last Two Weeks in Workouts // W45 & W46 // I RAN A HALF MARATHON

November 12, 2018
AUTHOR: Emilie

Reading Time: 4 minutes The last two weeks have been super.. sore. The highlight is definitely I RAN MY FIRST HALF MARATHON. With that smack dab in the middle, the last two weeks can be described as last minute prep for the half marathon and then recovering from it. That being said, there hasn’t been a ton of actual…

Saturday Morning Tea // November Edition

November 3, 2018
AUTHOR: Emilie

Reading Time: 2 minutes Happy Happy Saturday! I’M RUNNING A HALF MARATHON TODAY. Don’t ask me what kind of idea this one. It was self-loathing meets impulse, for sure. Like most mornings, I’ve got some Blue Lady Black from Zest Tea in my mug. There is nothing like this cup of tea to get me going. I thought for this month’s Saturday…

November 2018 Goals

November 1, 2018
AUTHOR: Emilie

Reading Time: 3 minutes September 2015. That’s when I bought my first pair of Powersheets. I’m not really sure how I got on their email list, but I did, and when I got an email that said “mistake Powersheets on sale now” I jumped, not really sure what I was signing up for. Wow, those Powersheets changed my life. For…