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The Future

May 20, 2015
AUTHOR: admin

Remember how I said I was down in Baltimore over the weekend? Well, if you missed it, you can read about my trip here.  Anyway, I was walking into the strip mall down at the Inner Harbor when we saw a sign for a psychic. I decided to walk up to this psychic who wanted $10…

You mean, there was a horse race too?

May 18, 2015
AUTHOR: admin

You may remember me complaining about how I wasn’t going to see my boyfriend for a while after our last wonderful date weekend. Well, finally, I got to see him again! For a couple of weeks now, we’ve had plans to head down to Baltimore for the Infieldfest at Preakness. We bought our tickets over…

Currently // May

May 6, 2015
AUTHOR: admin

How is it May already?! Where is the time going?!  I’m currently… Designing // Pages for the #ListersGottaList Challenge. I’m showcasing them all on my new creative Instagram which you might have read about on Monday. In case you missed it, you can . Here is the book I designed for the Challenge: Final product…

Miss New Jersey International 2015

March 31, 2015
AUTHOR: admin

As you know by now I competed in the Miss New Jersey International 2015 pageant this weekend.

On Friday at 1.30, we arrived for Orientation. We went over the rules and typical Orientation-y things. That evening we had dinner and a meet and greet at The Chelsea, a senior citizen community. I was honored to have the chance to speak to….

Starting on a steal

January 31, 2015
AUTHOR: admin

The beginning of a new school year or semester can be exciting time, but it can also be very expensive. In this post, I tell you about my nerve-wracking experience after losing track of my total.