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May 2016 Debt Repayment

May 27, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie

So here is how I started the month. April Loans ECSI (College Debt): 8586.00 Upstart (Starter-life Debt): 5278.85 Credit Cards Southwest (Chase): 3046.13 Discover: 1249.44 Combined Debt: 18,160.42  And here’s all the progress I made: May Loans ECSI (College Debt): 8528.77 (-0.7%) Upstart (Starter-life Debt): 4970.92 (-5.8%) Credit Cards Southwest (Chase): 3080.86 (+1.1%) Discover: 1074.44 (-14.0%) Combined Debt: 17,654.99 (-505.43…

Sharing my Net Worth

May 16, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie

I’m usually abrasively unapologetic about writing the things I want to write about here for Burke Does. As I sat down to write a post about my net worth, a lot like this one, I couldn’t help but be sorry. I crunched the numbers and I was embarrased. I know what my net worth is.…

April 2016 Spending

May 9, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie

I use a one-number method for my flexible spending. I have $360/month for all my flexible spending. That means that across all my non-fixed spending (rent, parking, utilities, insurance, etc.), I’m allowed to spend unto $360. So, for example, if I spend a little more on groceries this month but nothing on medical, it’s okay…

April 2016 Debt Repayment

April 29, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie

So here is how I started the month. March Loans ECSI (College Debt): 8686.00 Upstart (Starter-life Debt): 5278.85 Credit Cards Southwest (Chase): 3257.50 Discover: 1399.44 Amazon (Chase): 201.45 Combined Debt: 18,823.24  And here’s all the progress I made: April Loans ECSI (College Debt): 8586.00 (-1.2%) Upstart (Starter-life Debt): 5278.85 (-2.8%) Credit Cards Southwest (Chase): 3046.13 (-6.5%) Discover: 1249.44 (-10.7%)…

Money Wins // April 2016

April 18, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie

I’ve been talking about all my debt repayment and my budgets, but what I’ve realized is these two parts do not paint my whole financial picture. My budget is split into four parts: 1. fixed costs, 2. casual spending, 3. debt repayment, and 4. wins. These are details on my wins. Savings I added $90…

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