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Five Netflix Shows You Still Need to Binge Before Summer Is Over

July 24, 2017

Reading Time: 4 minutes [Guest post here from the best Netflix expert I know] Ever feel like binge watching a show and go through a struggle of trying to get suggestions only for people to list off a list of shows  you have already seen or one’s that are so mainstream that you already know all of the big…

Ten Things that Should be Banned

March 28, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie

Reading Time: 2 minutes I have strong opinions. Are you shocked? Yes, I know you are. Not. At all. When I get angry or frustrated with things, I will often tweet about them OFTEN IN A CAPS LOCK. Not even lying! So I’ve made for you a special list of things that should be banned* from society *As a…

I am grateful

March 23, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie

Reading Time: 2 minutes This morning I woke up, rolled over and muttered to myself about how much I hated my alarm clock, and glanced at my cell phone to make sure no fires happened while I was asleep. Then I put my phone aside and picked up my book, which is currently Go Set a Watchman by Harper…

I want more…

March 17, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie

Reading Time: 1 minute I want more money. I want more peace. I want more time. I want more community. EmilieEmilie is an Army Wife, Data Engineer, and CrossFitter with a love for working through her thoughts in this space on the internet. She lives with her husband Casey and their pup Bo in Savannah, GA.

What News Story Struck You Today?

March 16, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie

Reading Time: 2 minutes When I was in college, I watched the news every day- not just every day, but twice a day every day. I woke and watched the news while I worked out of my dorm. I almost never left until after the morning news were well over. At the end of the day, I got home…