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MilspoCon 2017

October 30, 2017
AUTHOR: Emilie

Reading Time: 6 minutes When I first moved to Fort Bragg, I was lonely. Nobody really likes to admit it, but I was L-O-N-E-L-Y. As long time readers will know, I moved from my then-home of Baltimore, the first and only place I had lived since graduating from college, to join my then-boyfriend, now-fiancee at his first duty station.…

InDependent’s Military Spouse Wellness Summit

August 24, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sometimes being the significant other of a military man can be hard, especially when they aren’t around. Netflix and chill is a big part of the routine when that happens, which it is currently. However, there is a risk with that philosophy–I’m not doing anything to help myself. Last year, I attended the Military Spouse…