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What has changed about your life recently?

March 7, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Do you use Timehop? This is one of my favorite apps and I check it every day. In fact, I have most of my push notifications turned off, but Timehop gets to notify me once per day. I get to see where I was a year ago. It has been crazy to reflect on how far things have come in the last year, so let’s compare my life a year ago to where it is today.

 photo Day 7_zpsnlz1ktu2.jpg
2015: Living in Henry Hall, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ as a Dorm Advisor
2016: Living in an apartment building in Mount Vernon, Baltimore City, MD with Lauren

2015: Working at Little Moe’s Pizza, Tiger Call, and the East Asian Library
2016: Venture for America fellow and working at Allovue

2015: Reading exclusively for my senior thesis, which I would submit in about a month and a half
2016: Reading SO MANY BOOKS and loving getting the chance to read for myself again- Currently reading Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua

2015: Working out at morning spin classes
2016: Working out by picking up heavy things

2015: Netflixing West Wing (because it was politics and I was thesising!)
2016: Netflixing… I’m between shows, since I’ve finished Gossip Girl, Fuller House, House of Cards, and Chelsea Does recently. Any suggestions?

2015: Spending my weekends driving to West Point and spending time with family (over the whole partying scene)
2016: Spending my weekends refereeing rugby

2015: Cooking out of a microwave because that’s all I had in my dorm!
2016: Cooking out a real kitchen with burners! So grateful.

2015: Writing my thesis
2016: Writing my blog

2015: Sunday nights spent at Chapter with my sisters
2016: Sunday nights spent on the treadmill at the gym in my apartment building watching The Walking Dead: Season 5 because I don’t have cable

2015: Celebrating 100 Night (100 Nights until graduation) at West Point with Casey, seeing each other every other week

2016: Long distance is kicking my butt, this current stretch is over 50 days

 photo IMG_2607.png_zpsb0ipts8n.jpeg
A lot of things have changed, but life is an adventure. Who knows where I’ll be next year?

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