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My Current Morning Routine // Summer 2017

August 31, 2017
AUTHOR: Emilie
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I’ve shared my morning routine on the blog repeatedly. It’s great because I’ve gotten to see it evolve with each of the stages of life that I’ve been in.

April 2015

I first shared my Morning Routine in April 2015, back when I was still in college. I’m impressed that I was eating two breakfasts, even then. I didn’t remember that detail (one of the reasons having these posts to look back on is SO cool). The highlights:

  • I still don’t drink coffee
  • I still eat two breakfasts
  • I now avoid emails in the morning
  • I still try to get my morning workouts in.

September 2015

This was my first post-college morning routine. At the time, I was still getting settled into my new home and new job in Baltimore. The highlights:

  • I am very dependent on my alarm clock now.
  • I definitely do not run a mile.

December 2015

My next post-college morning routine! By this point, I had already pushed my workouts further back from just the quarter later and I had reverted back to my dependency on my alarm clock with many, many alarms. That sounds much more like me.

  • I don’t work out alone anymore.
  • I don’t work out with the TV on anymore.
  • I still try to make eating in the morning a priority.

December 2016

It was a whole year before I updated my morning routine again.

  • I am still doing Crossfit!
  • I no longer cook in the mornings

August 2017

Those bring us to where I am today.

August 2017
4:45 AM First alarm goes off – radio comes on
4:50 AM Second alarm goes of – I get up and go to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth
5 AM Final alarm goes off – I pop into the kitchen and make my morning Spark and whatever I'm going to eat
5:10 AM I leave the house for the gym
5:30 AM-6:40 AM Crossfit Raeford – Drive home
7 AM Get home- Eat – Shower – Get ready
7:30 AM Read
8 AM Final touches on getting ready – Make sure lunches are packed
8:10 AM Leave the house for my coworking space
8:40 AM Arrive to coworking space
8:45 AM Start working for the day

The highlights:

  • I’m waking up earlier than ever before.
  • I’m going to an earlier class at work.
  • I added a commute back into my schedule by joining a coworking space.
  • I no longer cook or prepare food in the mornings. I usually eat something that is made from powder or oats.
  • I still don’t drink coffee but I now drink Spark and Zest Tea in the mornings
  • I don’t have to worry about programming since I’ve been going to a Crossfit gym and I love it.
  • If I don’t go to the gym, I generally spend that extra hour writing or I start work earlier. I always try to start work before 9 AM.

Anything about my morning routine jump out to you? Anything you’d suggest?

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