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Currently // August

August 5, 2015
AUTHOR: Emilie
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HowIsItAugustAlready?! Someone please tell me where summer is going? As you’re reading this, I’m taking a series of flights that will (hopefully) land me Honolulu, Hawaii visiting my cousins who just moved there! I’m really excited to visit Hawaii, but also to spend time with two cousins who have meant so very much to me and who I miss dearly.

Being that it is August, I bring you Currently…

Creating // the ShopHack field guide. It’s set to launch in December and there’s still time to get yours! A $25 gift can get you your very own copy. More details here.


Wishlisting // I start work at the end of this month, so I’m wishlisting new work clothes! I’d love to not have to recycle outfits in the first week.

Hoping // that the move in just 20 days goes well! I can’t believe that in less than three weeks I’ll be living in my own apartment!

Eating // Banza! I first had Banza about two weeks ago. It’s a Chickpea Pasta that has twice the protein, half the carbs, four times the fiber, and cooks in half the time. I was skeptical at first, but when I tried it, I was convinced. I liked it so much that I brought some to have at my Aunt’s house for dinner. She loved it so much she bought some at the store! I then ordered a case to have shipped here to Benning. Casey, his three roommates, and I had it for dinner the other night with some marinara sauce and chicken. It was the star of dinner! If you’re interested in trying Banza, you can sign up here for a $10 coupon code!


Watching // Gossip Girl, though, at a very slow pace. I’m not really binging right now, just a casual episode here and there, but definitely Gossip Girl. I watched it until I went to college, then I stopped. I definitely remember why I liked it so much!

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