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December 2, 2015
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Wishing: That finals would end and winter break would begin. I absolutely had a great Thanksgiving break cooking and working, and that only got me more excited for what life will be like after graduation so I wish I could fast-forward to relaxation and being a little closer to graduation.

Remembering: As graduation grows a little closer each day, I find myself feeling nostalgic. I think back to being a high school senior and how much has changed since graduation. I look at what my life was like then, and how different it is now. I lvoe to see how much I have grown and changed as well as identify those pesky habits that can still be improved.

Wrapping: Well, I haven’t really gotten to get much gift shopping done yet, however I did have to purchase some toys for a toy drive – which I didn’t wrap – and a gift for my secret sister – my sorority’s version of secret santa for our holiday party (so excited!). I haven’t purchased it yet, but I am super excited because I love gift wrapping, glitter, and bows which inherently makes Christmas my favorite!

Baking: I haven’t baked in a while – I did bake a turkey for thanksgiving, but I’m not sure that really counts. Last thing I baked was Red Velvet cookies from Pillsbury which came out fantastic, but all I did was put them in the oven. I am, however, excited to try baking pumpkin bread this upcoming weekend.

Decorating: So my chapter is doing a Big Appreciation Day as a thank you for all that our bigs do for their littles. So I am currently crafting a paddle for her, which gets me super excited considering she got me so many awesome things during Big-Little Week last semester.

Ta-ta for now!

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