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Every Day Earrings

August 10, 2015
AUTHOR: Emilie
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I am not a jewelry gal. I never have been. Because I always played a sport, it was never really worth the hassle of putting earrings on and taking them off before and after every rugby practice, especially in college where I was practicing every day. In fact (and please don’t tell my Dad), my sophomore year of college I lost my high school real in the on-and-off shuffle and I have missed it ever since.

Even when I did wear earrings, I was always bothered by the backs. I couldn’t sleep with them because they’d push into my neck. At some point during the middle of the night, I’d get so bothered I’d have to rip them off.

Well, I have found earrings that solve my problem!


I found these Metallic Rose Gold Druzy Earrings from Live Love Boutique on Etsy and they are absolutely to die for. Their pinkish tone provides the perfect feminine touch without screaming for attention. The color matches everything, even my blue-green tops!

I’ve been wearing them for weeks now and they’ve withstood the many-showers test, the Emilie-is-a-very-deep-sleeper-who-tosses-and-turns-all-night-long test, and the chicken-without-a-head, I-lose-everything test. They are still in their tip-top shape and look like I just pulled them out of the box!

The best part? Their price! At under $9, can these earrings be beat?! Get your own here!

Your turn: What is your every day jewelry staple?

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