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March 2019 Goals

March 5, 2019
AUTHOR: Emilie
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I took a very, very extended weekend, so while this post comes in the middle of the week, it’s just coming at the top of my first weekday for March. Work last week was insane- in a wow, this is hard, but I love my job for these challenges so much way. I’ve been slipping into bad habits around saying yes, and the last two weeks of February I felt myself dipping into true exhaustion. I’m feeling better, but I’m still not feeling creative.

Anyway, let’s dive right into it…

February Goals

  • Read 2 books. Nope. For the first time in… two years? I haven’t read two books in a month. I’ll talk about this a little more when it comes to the habit tracker below, but I think technical books that are slower to read can be de-motivating if they’re also not in my wheelhouse.
  • Honor stitch night, mastermind, and content audit time. I did good about going to my stitch night and staying loyal to my mastermind, but I didn’t work on the content audit at all. I’m going to not have that as a goal for the immediate future and I can reelavuate in a month or so.
  • CrossFit 12 times and Orange Theory 4 times. I CrossFitted 9 times and OTF’ed 2 times for a total of 11 workouts.
  • Publish one blog post on She Does Data. It’s not the post thought it was going to be, but I did write Things I Learned at PyTN 2019.
  • Finish writing my goodreads scraper. I worked on this a little, but not as much as I would have hoped I would have.

February Habit Tracker

No Spend (anything over $1)

I set the goal of 12 no spend days in February and that’s exactly what I did. This is better, for sure. I bought new sneakers and heels that I was needing, as well as a new denim jacket. For the first time in a while, my wardrobe feels like it’s making sense, though I still need better blouses. There were a lot of gifts this month (Valentine’s Day + visitors to Savannah), so not bad.

I had 12 no spend days in February. Let’s see if I can get that to 15 in February.

Gym (at least 20 minutes)

The biggest gap this month was that I totally dropped off the map leading up to conference travel from the eighth to the tenth (I think I took this “I’m going to be gone, so I need to get ahead mindset) and then indulged in all of my weekends.

This wasn’t my best month, for sure, but this month I saw a lot of progress. My trap definition is starting to come back, and OTF this weekend was a pain mostly because I kept popping my armband every time I flexed my bicep. Slowly but surely I’m getting back into a real flow.

Read (at least 1 page)

Looking at this chart makes me very sad because this is probably one of the worst reading months I’ve had in over a year. I don’t mind reading technical things, but this was a hormones-as-technical things book. It being hard made me demotivated to read. The good news is, I already finished the book, so we’re already moving again.


At a glance, doesn’t it look like my reading and writing are related? I think so, but who knows.

ICYMI: 2019 Goals & My Word of the Year

Pasta-making class from our Valentine’s Day date

March Goals

  • Read 3 books. I need to make up for last month!
  • Honor stitch night and mastermind. I sent my Mr & Mrs ornament in to be finished, but now I have to get my Savannah ornament done in time to be finished before Christmas. The MM group has been growing and we need to double down on it.
  • CrossFit 12 times and Orange Theory 4 times. This is another way of saying workout every other day this month.
  • Publish one blog post on She Does Data. Maybe this will be on the difference between data visualization and data using the OTBurn app as an example, but maybe it’ll be on something else.
  • Finish writing my goodreads scraper. 👉 Project Repo. The first milestone here is shipping the extraction piece.
  • Say NO to three things and write them down. I want to track the things I’m saying NO to.

March Habit Tracker

I use an app called HabitShare (free on iOS) to track some of my habits.

This month I’ll be tracking “No Spend” days, Gym days, Read days, and Writing days. What gets measured gets improved.

  • No Spend (anything over $1). As I mentioned above, my goal is to hit 15 no spend days in February.
  • Gym. From a habit perspective, I’d like to see my “Never miss two days in a row” rule be honored and get 16 workouts in this month.
  • Read (at least 1 page). Just doing my thing.
  • Writing for a blog post, email newsletter, or (Not emails, tweets, or issues for work.). Just starting to collect data here.

I have no travel planned for March, which feels really exciting! Do you have goals you’re setting for the month?


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