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February 2016 Goals

February 1, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Social Media Check In
January: Twitter, 1191; Instagram, 2265; Pinterest, 662; Facebook, 517; Bloglovin, 303 = 4938
Current: Twitter, 1213; Instagram, 2286; Pinterest, 598; Facebook, 525; Bloglovin, 313 = 4935
-.0006%. In other words, we lost total reach this month. Frankly, we knew it was coming. We lost just under 100 Pinterest followings this month when we deleted all our pins. I’m really happy, that we grew enough on all our other social media to just about break even! BUT… we made up with it by growing on TheseReads to 695 bringing our reach growth to 14%!!!

 January Goals…

Blog// Get blogging spreadsheet up to date. MIXED RESULTSThis will be done this week (it’s been a huge project) but with the help of Victoria, our new VA!
Blog// Work on getting updating blog images & confirming that there are featured images. MIXED RESULTSWhen that^is done, so will the featured images thing be. I’ve started updating blog images to the proper branding, but we’re prioritizing with evergreen posts!
Blog// Start using blogging template in Evernote. FAIL. Over this idea.

Emilie// Theme of the Month: Establishing Routine. MIXED RESULTSI’ve been sick and being sick makes it hard to set a routine. 
Emilie// Complete no-spend-January. mostly a SUCCESS. Details hereherehere and more details tomorrow.
Emilie// Work through at least four worksheets this month. FAIL. I got through the 2016 Blogging Goal-Setting worksheet (which I described here), but didn’t really delve into anything more than that, though I did a lot of other really great things for my blog!
Emilie// Find a planning/note-taking system that manages personal, blogging, courses, and work stuff well. SUCCESS! I‘m working with a couple of partners right now, but will be sharing about it all soon!
Emilie// Finish Course 2 of 10 (in the online course series I’m taking). FAIL. But I did take a different course called Learning How To Learn. That was useful!

Laura// Pick something and commit to it. I tend to start doing something – like knitting, painting, etc – and I seem to binge do it then quit and I want to prove to myself I can stick to something for a year. FAIL.
Laura// Fill out 4 job applications – just a good start for those soon to be college graduates. FAIL.
Laura// Try to make one person smile a day and write down how I made them smile. This one should be really cool if I can stick to it. MIXED RESULTS. I did, but I didn’t write it down so technically only half way done.

 photo February_zpsxcd7ku13.jpg
On to February…

Blog // Join three Pinterest Collaborative Boards.
Blog //Pitch 8 Sponsored Posts that align with our blog goals
Blog // Get further ahead for minimal blogging while visiting Casey!!

Emilie // Theme of the Month: Share the love.
Emilie // Home: Reorganize Drawers and Purge, if needed.
Emilie // Me Time: At least one mani/pedi.
Emilie // Health/Fitness: Find One-Rep Maxes.
Emilie // Financial: Pay off $500 in debt, Save >$75.
Emilie // Be Social: Two Rugby Refereeing Experiences & One “extra” Junior League- Baltimore Event
Emilie // Dream Big: Follow up with second prospective stream of blog revenue (besides sponsored posts).

Laura// Be nice to my sister.
Laura// Eat out less.
Laura// Time management.

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