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Fit For Me Thursday

July 23, 2015
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Let’s get really personal right now. I’ve been immensely busy as of late, especially with my Venture for America Training Camp (VFA Plug here). It’s literally eaten all of my time. Even my blog has taken somewhat of a back seat- yes, I know. I’m sorry.

That being said, as you know, I’m a firm believer in making yourself a priority. What does money and a title matter if you don’t have a happy, healthy body and soul.

I’ve partnered up with my friends Anna from She Is Joyful and Angie from Health Not to Health Nut to bring you a new series: Fit For Me Thursdays.

We were very deliberate in this decision. We all want to get into better health and physical shape but we wanted to be sure we were doing it for the right reasons. So I’m am getting fit for ME… but more on that in two weeks.

This series will take place every other Thursday. You’ll be able to join up with a Link Up and we’ll be offering fun giveaways along the way!

Today, I’m setting my goals with you. In case you haven’t heard of the SMART method of goal setting, you can join in on my step-by-step outline below.

 Step 1: Set your SMART Goal.
List your goal in one sentence.

I want to get back to the best shape I’ve ever been in (~January 2014).

Step 2: Be Specific.
What do I want to accomplish? Why do I want to accomplish this? What are the requirements? What are the constraints?

I know that I can be in better shape because I have been. I just want to get back to that peak performance point. I’ll be traveling around a lot in the coming months, but I’m hoping that my commitment to this series will help keep me accountable.

Step 3: Measurable
How will I measure my progress? How will I know when the goal is accomplished?

I will update my food diary in MyFitnessPal on a daily basis. (If you want to be friends because friends help with accountability, my user name is emilieburke.)
I will do 25 push ups with a 10 lb plate on my back.
I will run a 16 minute two-mile.
I will deadlift and squat more than my weight.
I would like to do this by the end of the year.

Step 4: Make it Achievable
How can the goal be accomplished? What are the logical steps I should take?

My friend Sam asked me to join a Crossfit with him once I move to Baltimore. That’s not for another month, though, and I’m not going to just wait until then.
Instead, I’m hoping to commit to working out 3-4 days per week and being much more careful with my food.

Step 5: Make it Relevant
Is this a worthwhile goal? Is this a good question? Is this the right time? Do I have the necessary resources to accomplish this goal? Is this goal in line with my long term objectives?

Rather than ask why now, I post you why not now? Health and well-being is not something you can put off. It’s something that starts now and will keep going. Every day that I wait will make it harder to reach my goal. I want a lifestyle change, so I need to start now.

Step 6: Make it Time Bound
How long will it take to accomplish this goal? When is the completion of this goal due? When am I going to work on this goal?

I recognize that fitness goals do not happen over night, but I’m hoping that my Christmas I can reach my three specific measures. That will give me the time to both reach my goals and transition into my new lifestyle.

You can read Anna’s SMART goals here and Angie’s SMART goals here.

Thanks for joining with me as I shared my SMART Goals for getting Fit For Me. On August 16, two weeks from now, Anna, Angie, and I will be writing about our Fitness Journeys to date. We’ll be making it a link up, so get a post ready. This we’ll be fun!

Join in now and tell us your fitness goals!

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