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Progress // Fit for Me

October 15, 2015
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Today, I’m updating you on my progress as part of this Fit For Me Series. Make sure you read through the end because we have a GIVEAWAY for you!

Remember those goals I set way at the beginning? Well, here we are just under three months later.

I can summarize my progress in one sentence: The number on the scale hasn’t changed, but I’m lifting more than ever before. And I feel great.

[bctt tweet=”The number on the scale hasn’t changed, but I’m lifting more than ever before. And I feel great.”]

I work out three to five times per week, and some days I’m working out twice! While I’ve been missing my handsome boyfriend, I’ve been channeling that energy and free time into my lifting (and then writing him letters about lifting). I’ve been able to see huge gains in the amount I’m lifting and the my ability. Forget what I see, I can feel a huge difference.

My goal in July was to be in the best shape I’ve ever been in. In my head, I thought that meant getting back to the lowest weight I’ve ever been- about 20 lbs less than I’m in now. What I’ve come to realize now is that that’s a ridiculous and stupid measure. I can run more and faster now than I ever have before. And that is a step in the right direction.

My friend and trainer Demi posted this picture on Instagram last week and I just had to share because she hits the nail right on the head!


As I mentioned, I’ve been training pretty seriously with Demi now for over four weeks. If you’re interested in training with her too (go watch this video if you’re on the fence), let me know in the comments or fill out my contact form. I will definitely get you two in touch. Demi is crazy affordable and provides way more support than I ever imagined. I couldn’t give up if I wanted to because she’d call me out on it.  Next week, be sure to join in for our link up again. We’ll be talking about our specific goal check ins. You can share how you’re doing compared to your goals too! GIVEAWAY: Angie, Anna, and I have teamed up with our friends over at Rist Roller to give away an awesome Mini-Foam Roller (Firm) from Rist Roller. Their foam rollers have a wide-variety of health and fitness benefits! Read more about the exact roller here.

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