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Five Netflix Shows You Still Need to Binge Before Summer Is Over

July 24, 2017
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[Guest post here from the best Netflix expert I know]

Ever feel like binge watching a show and go through a struggle of trying to get suggestions only for people to list off a list of shows  you have already seen or one’s that are so mainstream that you already know all of the big event before starting the 10 season show ( the reason I can’t start Grey’s Anatomy ).

So I am a Netflix fanatic! I don’t watch television, because I like to watch stories unravel all at once instead of having to wait a week where I forget what happened, and get all stressed out. I really don’t understand how people survived before binge watching was a thing. But Netflix was the only thing that got me through my MCAT – study breaks for 20 minute shows is the best way of life. And after my exam, I definitely spent a day in bed with a pint of ice cream and nothing but my Netflix to allow my brain to unwind from all information I had stored in there.


So these are the top five shows you should binge this summer (that no one else is going to recommend to you):


So Orange is the New Black has become the new craze without people counting down the days until the new season, and I’m going to be honest Season 5 did not meet my expectations. Now imagine a prison system where they allow you to keep your child in prison with you, and you aren’t confined to one cell, but confined to unit with multiple girls, all while the prison is undergoing a struggle for who is going to be the head honcho on the inside. Well that’s exactly what is happening with Australian accents and colorful money. Wentworth is a prison show that shows a completely different perspective from the American for-profit prison system, and shows the good and the bad that these women face in their day-to-day lives.

Grace & Frankie

Two women who are completely opposite forced together by what one would call a crazy life phenomenon. Both of their husbands decide they want to get divorced because they want to be together which leaves both of the women leaving their home to go stay at their timeshare beach house where they are stuck together. Grace, your type A personality, who is super organized and relies on structure to function finds herself depending on the unconventional friendship of Frankie, who has a hippy-type personality and likes to walk around smoking joints and working on her painting. The friendship of the two flourishes into a new business venture, with them overcoming stereotypes about divorce and general expectations of what is acceptable for two older women of their age. This show will really keep you cracking up as you watch them try to overcome their differences and grow to depend on each other despite no one thinking they could survive living together.

Night Shift

Ever wonder what happened to military doctors when they are no longer in the military? In night shift, you follow the doctor’s who work the night shift at San Antonio Memorial Hospital who are mostly a bunch of ex-military who are quick on their toes and use innovative and unorthodox techniques to save their patients. These doctors put saving lives over everything. The shows is riddled with doctors forced to go out into the field and put their military expertise to the use in the civilian world without overstepping their scope of practice or ER medicine. These doctors use techniques only found in the field to bypass ordinary methods in a time crunch or due to lack of other options. Definitely a keep you on your toes while you’re dying to know what crazy technique they will try next to save their patient.

Last Man Standing

The manly-man, Mike Baxter, surrounded by women at home, and surrounded by men at work, is faced with interesting challenges while managing a store, Outdoor Man, all about guns and hunting while having to take on new household and parenting roles as his wife decides to go back to work. Being parent to three daughters, all of whom are extremely different,  Mike is faced with some interesting situations which he uses to fuel his podcast at Outdoor Man. He manages to turn every situation in a way that works for him or conveys his point while referencing relevant things we are seeing the world. The show makes time fly by as you just laugh and can’t wait for the next episode to begin.


A typical Hispanic family with an emphasis on depending on each other that will leave you laughing for hours. Cristela is a law student who busts her butt to finish law school while her family criticizes her for working a “zero pay” job (interning at a law firm), while she lives with her sister and her family. A contractor brother in law who is always asking when she’s leaving and a disapproving mother who is only concerned with her current income make this show one you just can’t help but keep watching. Cristela manages to go to school, intern, and help with her sister’s kids and your left with the question of how one person manages to do so much with only so many hours in a day. This show will keep you on your toes wanting to know what will Cristela take on next, and how will her family handle all the curve balls thrown at them.

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