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Five on a Friday

September 18, 2015
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One: Extinction

I’m taking an extinction seminar, and we’re reading an awesome book by Elizabeth Kolbert called The Sixth Extinction. The book is awesome. It clearly shows the effects that humans are having on the natural environment and how we are causing extinction of numerous species. There have been five mass extinctions throughout the course of Earth and we are expected to cause the sixth based on how we are treating the world. We have fragmented natural living spaces for animals, introduced new species where they do not belong causing competition for resources and bringing diseases that killed off native species, and we’ve polluted the Earth with massive effects most of us do not even realize.

Carbon dioxide production is occurring at such a rate that it is not only effecting the atmosphere causing climate change but it is also being absorbed by the oceans which will cause, proven by areas where the ocean already is highly saturated with carbon dioxide, pH changes in the water making it unsuitable for countless number of species which will basically change the overall marine animal populations. We can’t change what has already been done, but as individuals we do need to pay attention to our carbon footprint and the small changes we can make everyday to keep our environment suitable for all.

Two: Apps to make money

Broke college students, or broke real world people, all know how hard it is to save a penny when EVERYTHING costs an absurd amount of money. So there are two apps which I LOVE and think everyone would love too.

One is more just for us college students. It’s called Pocket Points and is available for most university campuses (at least here in the US). Basically, you turn it on when you’re in class and it gives you points for not using your phone in class that you can use at local restaurants and for shopping discounts and I love shopping.

The other app, works for everyone, and is called Ibotta. This app basically pays you to go shopping. It has a variety of stores and will give you money back as long as you buy certain items from those stores. I use it whenever I go grocery shopping and it covers most of the basics. I get money back for buying milk, eggs, bread, cheese, and certain fruits and veggies. It’s a great way to get money back on the things you already buy. Yayyyy. Saving money! Use my referral code for some extra credit: rvprdbj

Three: New species discovered

Clearly, I’m a science geek (and a biology major), but there was a super cool discovery of a new species called homo naledi. His features resemble a combination of human and ape-like features. It is still unknown where it lies on the phylogenic tree of evolution, although there is speculation of it being our evolutionary cousins or our ancestor.

Super cool find. Check it out here.

Four: Just Mayo

So I haven’t tried this product yet, but it sounds fantastic. It is a vegan mayo  that is completely plant-based and supposedly tastes exactly the same. The USDA is trying to stop it from entering stores due to “false advertisement,” because you can’t have mayonnaise without eggs, but overall I think it’s a cool product. I love to see how creative people can get to create vegan substitutes for modern foods. It almost takes away the excuse of why it is so hard for people to go vegan or vegetarian or on any dietary restriction.

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