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Gift Guide for the Emilie in Your Life

December 2, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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I shared last week that I wouldn’t be getting anything for Christmas this year, as I am committed to refocusing on my debt. You might have special people in your life, though, that you’re wondering what to get them, here are some things I’d suggest.

2017 PowerSheets Collection

Now, I already got my 2017 Powersheets, but if I hadn’t, I’d want a set. Powersheets are the best system I’ve ever encountered for goal-setting. While I’ve only ever done the six-month sets before, this year I plunged for the 2017 one. It’s one thing to set goals for the year; it’s another to write a plan to get you to that goal! My Powersheets give me the ability to do that.

Asana for Bloggers

I’ve talked about this course a lot because it’s really revolutionized how I work. Matt’s course is so worthwhile. Whether or not a blogger, there’s definitely a system that we need to keep track of the many different aspects of our life. I couldn’t figure out Asana until Matt’s course and now I can’t imagine blogging and managing my freelance clients without it. I took a course on learning once. Your brain can only hold four things in your short-term memory at a time. By dumping things out of my brain, I can get things done more efficiently and more quickly. I can stay focused on the actual task at hand and not worry about the ten things I have to do when I’m done writing this post.


Kindle Paperwhite

With all the traveling I’m going to be doing over the next year, the idea of having only a Kindle is really appealing. While I’ve decided not to buy it in support of my current mission to read all the books on my shelf without buying new reads. For someone who is on the road for more than one week at a time or who doesn’t have tons of books he/she is trying to work through, this would be the perfect gift for the reader.

Southwest Gift Card

Speaking of travel, every penny helps. A Southwest gift card will get me closer to visiting my sister and my family and Casey’s family. Unfortunately, on the list of locations that are discounted in Southwest’s Winter Sale, RDU to EWR is not one of them. Sorry Laura.

Ankle Booties

Get a dog, they said. It’ll be great, they said. Well, Bo, my woooonderful American Bully, decided that my ankle booties would be a delicious mid-day snack, meaning that I know don’t have ankle booties that I can rock as a casual “look nice” wear. Ones like the ones linked here would be a great replacement. Speaking of footwear, I could also use a pair of Crossfit Sneaker because Bo also decided that my sneakers looked delicious.


I shared earlier this week that I am obsessed with LuLaRoe because it is seriously the most perfect clothes I’ve ever owned. I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes, but I’ve reached that stage in life where I’d rather spend $45 on something I’m going to wear a lot and feel comfortable in than the fast fashion $8 on something I’m only going to wear once. And buying LLR helps support a local consultant! I bet there’s something in the Facebook group that’d be perfect for the Emilie in your life.

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