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Have you gotten past any fears lately?

March 14, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Life can be scary.

And admitting weakness is even scarier. Nobody likes to admit that they’re vulnerable. People scoff at weakness. Frankly, I can recognize that I’m part of the problem here. Stigma, though, changes with you changing.

So, I’ve been really struggling lately with fears of inadequacy. And this isn’t anything new.

I’m so disappointed in myself for not being  able to finish one of my courses. I try to comfort myself by looking at the many other things I’ve accomplished. I cross lots of things of my weekly to-do lists. I met my 2015 Reading Challenge and am super on track with my Reading for 2016, and by super on track, I mean 4 books ahead of schedule.

As much as I try to comfort myself with these other accomplishments, I still can’t seem to get over my block for this thing. I find myself repeatedly beating myself up.

I think it’s because I fear not being good enough. I don’t know what is blocking me from finishing that class, but I’m disappointed in myself because not being able to finish the class is reaffirming the fears of inadequacy that I’ve struggled with for so long.

Quite contrary to today’s prompt, I haven’t gotten past this fear, but I’d welcome your input on how you’ve overcome fears of inadequacy yourself or what you recommend to others.

Day 14

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