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If you were able to instantly change your life, what would be different?

March 4, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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I take pleasure in the process. I like learning. Sometimes, the only way to learn is by doing. This is the process I am talking about.

Problem solving has three parts:

  1. Identifying the problem
  2. Developing the solution (or multiple) to the problem
  3. Implementing the solution to the problem

Asking my life to instantly change gets rid of part of this process. If I want a problem to be fixed, I’ve already identified it, perhaps without developing a plan for it. If I ask for a specific solution, I’m asking for just a help with implementation. If I’m vague, I might not even have fully identified the problem itself yet.

Problem-solving, though, like learning is a process that has many parts. And I enjoy the process.

If you were able to instantly change your life, what would be different? Emilie from Burke Does writes about how she enjoys the process of learning and problem-solving, so she might not change much, except for, well, being debt-free.
Thus, it’s hard for me to say I want my life to change instantly.

But I know that I’d want my debt to go away. I feel comfortable with this because I’ve passed the phase of enjoying the process.

I identified the problem.

I discovered the sources of my debt. I compiled the comprehensive list. I recognized just how deep in doo-doo I was.

I developed a solution.

I recognized that I was in over my head and my limited experience managing a budget. I invested in Learnvest, where I got a financial planner who built a plan specific to my needs. With Stanley’s guidance and support, I will be maximizing my company’s 401K match while working diligently to manage the finances of a long-distance relationship while paying down debt as aggressively as I can!

I implemented my solution

I have been working hard to repay my debt. There’s a widget on my sidebar that can help you see the progress I made! Does it not look like much? By the end of February, I had 6% of my debt paid off. I hope to have 10% paid off by the end of March!

My goal is to be credit card debt-free by the end of 2016! But I’m going to be implementing my solution for a long time.
So if I could instantly change by life, I’d wake up tomorrow and be debt-free!

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