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iPhone Home Screen // February 2019

February 19, 2019
AUTHOR: Emilie
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It only took me 3 tries to spell February correctly in the title. I’ll call that a win.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, this post is part of a new series chronicling the evolution of my iPhone home screen over the year. As part of my year of no, I am actively working to minimize the time I spend on my phone. In the same way, you don’t have cookies in the house when you’re going on a diet, you can just eliminate the apps that are sucking you back into your phone.

The Dock

  • Calendar
  • Messages
  • Overcast
  • Safari

No change here.

The Right Side

Day OneRefiningFire

Lots of changes here! The most notable change is not just that Day One is gone from the right side, but from the phone entirely. I wasn’t using it. I had purposefully not renewed my subscription. It was just one less thing I needed around.

HabitShare and YNAB did a swap for no particular reason. I wouldn’t read too much into them.

I moved Headspace into this stack hoping that it would cause me to use it, but I haven’t. (I have a suspicion that it may be up on the chopping block soon.) I can be the kind of person who wants to meditate, but if the reality is I’m not and never do, the app is just creating digital clutter for me.

Zero– I use Zero to track my evening fasts. I’ve been trying to implement a 13 hours circadian rhythm fast, leaving me an 11 hours window to eat. I really like that this encourages me to have dinner earlier (finishing by 7 PMideally) so that I can eat breakfast sooner (in this case, 8 AM).

I am certainly not perfect, but I’m trying! I’ll share more about Zero in the future.

The Folders

The folders got shifted around, but otherwise very little change

  • Apple
  • Pictures
  • Finance – I downloaded Robinhood and added it to this folder.
  • Travel – I downloaded the Delta app because of some travel I had and added it to this folder. I’m keeping it because I’ll be traveling on Delta again soon.
  • Lifestyle
  • Fitness
  • Entertainment – I moved the Youtube TV app into this folder from the Home Screen.

Last Month’s New Additions

Last month I had downloaded 3 new apps: Refining Fire, Furbo, and the CrossFit Open app.

I have set Refining Fire to ping me once a day at 11 AM or so. I haven’t really resonated with the quotes it’s been sharing with me, but I do like the sentiment. I may swap this for She Reads Truth or something similar.

Furbo, an app tied to a device that lets you watch your dog when you’re not home, has been great, especially because it’s a party trick. When we’re out to bars, people love it. Bo now knows to respond to the treats it tosses, which makes it even more fun.

The CrossFit Open starts this week! Finally I’ll get to put the app to use!

New Additions

GasBuddy– A friend mentioned this to me as a good way to keep a pulse on gas prices. We live right off 95 in a popular stop, so gas here is much more expensive than it is 5 minutes away. I haven’t used it because my routine involves taking advantage of our Kroger Fuel Points. Definitely on my radar, though.

WW Mobile– I joined Weight Watchers after hovering with the same 15 or so pounders since last March (another post for another time). The WW Mobile app is their program for tracking points.

 Zero– I’m really happy with Zero so far!

Still no second screen of apps!

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