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January 2016 Goals

January 4, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Social Media Check In
December: Twitter, 1183; Instagram, 2029; Pinterest, 609; Facebook, 480; Bloglovin, 265 = 4566
Current: Twitter, 1191; Instagram, 2265; Pinterest, 662; Facebook, 517; Bloglovin, 303 = 4938
8.1% growth! Slow and steady wins the race!

Blog// 3-5 posts per week. SUCCESSWe posted 12 times in December!
Blog// Take the holidays seriously #weblogforfunnotforwork. SUCCESS. See above.
Blog// Pin more! SUCCESS. I think that our improved Pinterest strategy is what translated to us gaining 50 followers this month!

Emilie// Finish Demi’s site. MIXED RESULTS. There’s been a small hiccup, but it’s not my fault. I actually did finish her site!
Emilie// Work on Share the Peach. FAIL. I had an emotional pivot. 
Emilie// Write ShopHack over winter break. FAIL. See above.

Laura// Buy less coffee – because it costs a lot. MIXED RESULTSEhhhhh. I coffee binged during finals but then I really cut down once I went home for break.
Laura// Walk more often- try to not use my car one day a week. FAILBeing home in 30 degree weather means I did almost no walking – only when I went to the city, but I went roller blading and totally think that everyone should go to skating rink again despite your age.
Laura// Avoid sweets- trying to get back on my health grind. SUCCESSI did cut down on sweets. So yay, success!

 photo January_zps0jjvktzb.jpg
On to January…

Blog// Get blogging spreadsheet up to date.
Blog// Work on getting updating blog images & confirming that there are featured images.
Blog// Start using blogging template in Evernote.

Emilie// Theme of the Month: Establishing Routine.
Emilie// Complete no-spend-January.
Emilie// Work through at least four worksheets this month.
Emilie// Find a planning/note-taking system that manages personal, blogging, courses, and work stuff well.
Emilie// Finish Course 2 of 10 (in the online course series I’m taking).

Laura// Pick something and commit to it. I tend to start doing something – like knitting, painting, etc – and I seem to binge do it then quit and I want to prove to myself I can stick to something for a year.
Laura// Fill out 4 job applications – just a good start for those soon to be college graduates.
Laura// Try to make one person smile a day and write down how I made them smile. This one should be really cool if I can stick to it.


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