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July 2016 Goals

July 4, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Happy Independence Day!

Social Media Check-in

June: Twitter, 1401; Instagram, 2254; Pinterest, 1071; Facebook, 557; Bloglovin, 571  = 5854
July: Twitter, 1401 (+0); Instagram, 2262 (+8); Pinterest, 1146 (+75); Facebook, 561 (+4); Bloglovin, 570 (-1) = 5940 (+86), 1.4%

June Goals

Blog // Write. Write. Write. And build up our content again!
Mixed results. I had some serious writer’s block this month as I wrote about here, but I started writing again last week and am on a roll right now. This is definitely something that’s going to carry into next month.

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Emilie // Home: Sell the things that need to be sold, figure out what to do with the mattress, hang stuff up on the walls- basically, turn the house into a home.
Mixed Results. I did not sell anything and the mattress is still in the extra bathroom, but we did hang up stuff on the walls upstairs.

Emilie // Me Time: I was reading the She Reads Truth app pretty diligently but, like everything else, it fell off the wagon with moving, so I’m hoping to get back into it and am aiming for 20 out of 30 days in June.
Fail. I did not hit 20/30 days, but I did get close. I’m going to aim for the same things next month!

Emilie // Health/Fitness: Be in the gym four times per week this month!
Fail. Nothing. I did nothing- okay, next to nothing.

Emilie // Financial: Log 30 hours in freelance work. This will allow me to reach my savings goal and more quickly return to aggressively repaying debt, which I cannot wait to do! As of now, I will have all my credit cards paid off by the end of 2016, but I would really like to accelerate that, so that I can buy myself some wiggle room for the holidays. Also, I’m starting to get Casey on-board with the debt-free mentality… I would love to see him pay off his Cow Loan aggressively!
Fail. Close, but not quite thirty. Next month?

Emilie // Be Social: Have two girl-dates per week! It’s really hard to make new friends as an adult (listen to last week’s This American Life for an example!), but I’m trying to be intentional about putting myself out there and meeting new people!
Success! I really started putting myself out there are I’m really glad I did!

Emilie // Dream Big: Start using my Lara Casey Powersheets. I’m hoping to finish all the prep work so that I can dive into June using the sheets!
Success! I’ve been talking about them on Insta all the time! I’m obsessed!

Laura // Business: Try to knit one baby booty a day to get our Etsy shop up and running by August 1 (One year after our original goal, but still a goal)
Mixed Results! Haven’t quite been able to make that many. Works been taking more of a toll on me than expected.

Laura // Craft: Come up with the new craft to try. I either want to try making candles and put them in cool-looking thrift shop China glasses or make my own bath bombs, so keep an eye out for that because they hopefully should be coming soon.
Yes! I’m between candlemaking, soap making, and bath bomb making.

Laura // Learning: Learn something new every day. No matter how big or small, we all have things that we need to learn, and starting a new job has really made me realize that because I can see how much I’m learning. Knowledge is power!
Absolutely! I most definitely kept learning so goal achieved

July Goals

Blog // Write more aka Build Content Bank. I’m hoping to build up my writing some more so that writer’s block doesn’t kill the blog the way it did this month.

Blog // Create a blog writing schedule. I’m hoping to get into a routine of batch writing, batch image producing, etc. I’m going to be testing different schedules to do that a couple of times.

Emilie // Home: Stitch 60 minutes per week. I’m trying to bring stitching back into my life. Part of this is going to include bringing my stitching back into the living room.

Emilie // Learn: This Udacity Course. This is part of my the Learning Path from Springboard that I’m working on.

Emilie // Me Time: Read 2 books. I’ve been reading pretty well, btu I want to keep making this a priority.

Emilie // Health & Fitness: Start BBG 1.0. I’m going to be trying this on the Sweat with Kayla app! Have you ever tried this?

Emilie // Financial: 30 hours of Freelance Work as *extra* income (aka while sticking to the budget!!). I’ve been doing a bad job of sticking to my budget so any “extra” income has covered that difference, instead of going toward my debt snowball, like I had hoped. I’m hoping to get back into the right behavior patterns this month!

Emilie // Be Social: Go to three events to meet new people. Constantly putting myself out there! That’s the only way I’m going to meet people.

Emilie // Dream Big: Write a feelings reflection of 750 words. I’m trying to brain dump more to help keep me in a writing habit!

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