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June 2016 Goals

June 6, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Social Media Check-in

May: Twitter, 1400 (-15); Instagram, 2260 (-11); Pinterest, 1031 (+22); Facebook, 542 (+3); Bloglovin, 568 (+6) = 5801 (+5)
June: Twitter, 1401 (+1); Instagram, 2254 (-6); Pinterest, 1071 (+40); Facebook, 557 (+15); Bloglovin, 571 (+3) = 5854 (+53), .9%

Basically, without doing much of anything we grew nearly one percent organically. I refuse to put any work into Facebook because I don’t think there is any value there. I think Instagram is starting to purge bots, so I’m okay with losing followers when they’re not real followers. Also, on Instagram more than any other platform people do the whole ‘Follow you for a couple of days and then unfollow you if you don’t follow them back’ thing. Well, folks, I won’t follow you just because you followed me and I don’t want you to do the same. Follow me if I am sharing something you want.

I’m pretty pleased with the fact that I’m continuing to grow on Pinterest. I’ve had a lot of success with Tailwind. Sign up for Tailwind with this link to get a free month! I really do attribute my growth to that! My Pinterest account is on autopilot and we’re really seeing the results!

May Goals

Blog // Write according to editorial calendar. 
Mixed Results! Here’s the deal: I wrote and then I moved and I wasn’t far ahead enough to accomodate for that, but I’m hoping to make up for that this month and really blast through some stuff!
Blog // Build out twitter lists
Mixed Results again! I did this until I moved and then I moved, so that fell off the wagon. Does anyone do this really well? Have you found it to be helpful?

Emilie // Home: Pack, Move, Unpack, Get Settled, Find a routine.
Almost. I packed, moved, and unpacked. I got pretty settled. Everything is out of boxes and in their places except for  a handful of things. Next weekend, Casey and I will be in town together this weekend for the first time in two weeks (I was refereeing College 7s weekend before last, and Casey was at a wedding in Arizona last weekend.)

Emilie // Me Time: Mani/Pedi, ideally with my sister.
Success! While I was in Miami for Laura’s graduation, we got mani/pedis together and it was wonderful! Maybe it’s a little thing but pedicures are my refreshing thing. They make me feel alive again. Sharing it with my sister is even better!

Emilie // Health/Fitness: Find a gym that I like in my new home.
Yes! The community we’re living in has a gym and a pool included! It’s got all the equipment I need, which is great. I’m still working on the routine thing, but I know I can get back into it. I just need to make it a priority.

Emilie // Financial: Crunch numbers and make a new budget and find someone to sublease my apartment.
Yes! This will be the first month, so things like utilities are still estimations, but we should be in great shape! Also, I did find someone to sublease my apartment in Baltimore which was a huge relief, emotionally and financially! I also did okay in May financially, so it’s just about getting my feet back under me.

Emilie // Be Social: Transfer Junior League Membership.
I did! I was able to transfer my membership from JLBalt to JLFay and look forward to getting to know the women of the local Junior League when the year gets going again in August!

Emilie // Dream Big: Get a work schedule, that includes freelance hours.
In the beginning of the month, I sat down to achieve this goal and created a calendar that did this. Days of the week looked roughly like this:
6AM: Wake up, Read, Drink Water
7AM: Eat a quick snack
715-915: Freelance work
915: Full Breakfast
10AM: Work
12-1: Lunch time
6 PM: Stop working, prep and eat dinner
7-9 PM: M, W, F- Blog; T, R- Coursera
But it creating this schedule, I was seriously setting myself up for failure. It’s simply too much and doesn’t allow for things that happen to come up. I’m working on figuring something out that will work. I would love to hear from you if you balance freelance work with classes, blogging, and a full time job- or a similarly hectic schedule!

Laura // Get a job.
Success! A certain recent-college-grad is successfully employed!

June Goals

Blog // Write. Write. Write. And build up our content again!

Blog // Launch Newsletter!

Emilie // Home: Sell the things that need to be sold, figure out what to do with the mattress, hang stuff up on the walls- basically, turn the house into a home.

Emilie // Me Time: I was reading the She Reads Truth app pretty diligently but, like everything else, it fell off the wagon with moving, so I’m hoping to get back into it and am aiming for 20 out of 30 days in June.

Emilie // Health/Fitness: Be in the gym four times per week this month!

Emilie // Financial: Log 30 hours in freelance work. This will allow me to reach my savings goal and more quickly return to aggressively repaying debt, which I cannot wait to do! As of now, I will have all my credit cards paid off by the end of 2016, but I would really like to accelerate that, so that I can buy myself some wiggle room for the holidays. Also, I’m starting to get Casey on-board with the debt-free mentality… I would love to see him pay off his Cow Loan aggressively!

Emilie // Be Social: Have two girl-dates per week! It’s really hard to make new friends as an adult (listen to last week’s This American Life for an example!), but I’m trying to be intentional about putting myself out there and meeting new people!

Emilie // Dream Big: Start using my Lara Casey Powersheets. I’m hoping to finish all the prep work so that I can dive into June using the sheets!

Laura // Business: Try to knit one baby booty a day to get our Etsy shop up and running by August 1 (One year after our original goal, but still a goal)

Laura // Craft: Come up with the new craft to try. I either want to try making candles and put them in cool-looking thrift shop China glasses or make my own bath bombs, so keep an eye out for that because they hopefully should be coming soon.

Laura // Learning: Learn something new every day. No matter how big or small, we all have things that we need to learn, and starting a new job has really made me realize that because I can see how much I’m learning. Knowledge is power!

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