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Life Lately // Week 17

April 22, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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I mentioned two weeks ago that I was on my way to Atlanta for the Atlanta 7s festival and tournament. I was part of the Try On Rugby program, which is an initiative to get women more involved in the game. I only started refereeing in 2016, but I’ve really plunged myself into it. Given that Casey and I are long-distance, I’ve been okay with it taking over my weekends. We don’t get paid, but my love of the game is real, so I’ll take it.

I actually got to referee Phaidra Knight, considered to be THE female rugby playing legend. In case that name doesn’t specifically ring a bell, Phaidra was the coach in that episode of MTV’s Made where a prissy girl was “made” into a rugby player. (Teaser here.) I was lucky enough to play with Phaidra as part of a small tournament in summer 2012 or 2013 and had her do a couple of coaching appearances at Princeton, but the chance to referee her really said a lot to me about the opportunity that I had in front of me. After all, she was playing as part of the ARPTC.

After Day 1 of the Festival, we got to watch the International Matches with some of the best referee coaches. Rookie, famous for tackling a Spanish fan at the Las Vegas 7s, posed for a picture with me! #nevergrowup

My last match of the weekend I got the chance to Assistant Referee (AR) for none other than Leah Berard. As if being a woman in rugby wasn’t hard enough, Leah was a female referee in the men’s rugby world. She is the most well-known American referee in the world. Not just the most well known female American referee. Just referee. And that’s pretty freakin’ badass. In a rugby culture that is disgustingly male-dominate, Leah is crushing it.

After my time at the Atlanta 7s, I finally got to be reunited with my handsome boyfriend who I hadn’t seen in two months! That’s not an exaggeration. We went to the Buttermilk Kitchen for brunch (I wrote a little about that here) on that Sunday and it was so good!

That Tuesday, Casey graduated from IBOLC. I’m so glad that I could be there to put his Blue Cord on him. He’s been working so hard and so long (5 months) since graduating from Ranger School. I’m also grateful that maybe, just maybe his left will get any sort of routine, but with the Army… who knows.

That Thursday, we flew to Cleveland for the #ConroyWedding. Casey was one of Frank’s groomsmen and we loved being able to share in Frank and Johanna’s special day! Also, can we all appreciate how nice that blue cord looks? We certainly do clean up well.

It was a super crazy week and I have to say I’m glad this week has been quieter. I’m still in Georgia (through Sunday), but at least there’s no travel and no weird days where I don’t get to work for the bulk of the day. I’m hoping we can sneak in on more date night before I leave.

What’s been going on with you lately?

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