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Life Lately // Week 19

May 6, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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The chances over the last two weeks have been absolutely insane. When I wrote my last Life Lately post, I had no idea what sort of roller coaster I was going to put myself on. What a whirlwhind, but we’ll see how it goes.

Casey and I were trying to squeeze in one more date night before I left and we were successful! Casey has just gotten orders and then he asked me move with him. I said yes (no more long distance!) and then had to sort out getting a sublease in Baltimore, finding us an apartment, movers, and the one million other things related to moving.

From when we went to dinner at Mabella’s, a decent but not great steakhouse in Columbus, GA, that Wednesday to when we went to the Spread the Love Tour Concert in Auburn, AL that Saturday, we figured so many logistical things out. He just signed our lease yesterday and I’ll be there in 10 days. I. cannot. wait.

Speaking of which, the Spread the Love Tour = SO GOOD. In case you didn’t know, I’m obsessed with Sam Hunt. I know every word to every song and he makes me so happy. I was so mesmerized when he came on stage that Casey knew better than to try to have a conversation. The line up was Old Dominion, Sam Hunt, Miranda Lambert, and Kenny Chesney. The concert was amazing. It was great to get to spend it with so many of our dear friends that Casey will be PCSing away from. I’m already excited to plan our first visit to Nashville & Fort Campbell to visit so two of our dearest friends, including the handsome Peter seen here.


When I came back to Baltimore, I had to start packing up and saying goodbye to my dearest friends. I’ve spent the last 9 months here cultivating a life that I’m just picking up and moving. It seems crazy and I don’t think it actually hit me until the movers came on Tuesday. I was lucky that I had two girls nights planned anyway. I had my VFA girls night which served as a chance to start saying goodbye. Then I said goodbye to my Juniro League of Baltimore small group, as we made candles and caught up on life. Knowing that weekend was going to be my last in town, I invited the other VFA Fellows over for pizza to get everyone together. I’m so lucky to have these sweet, sweet friends. I’m going to miss them all dearly.

On Monday, my Dad came into town (right as I am getting ready to leave)! Of course, I took him out for crabs! This girl loves seafood and definitely gets it from Dad. On Wednesday, we flew to Miami, where I am right now and will be for my sister’s graduation later today! I can’t wait to share more about it! The next time I write a Life Lately, I’ll probably be in my new home! Crazy!

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