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Life Lately // Week 27

July 2, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Referee life has been great. I got to do the RCTs in Charlotte two weekends ago and it was great. One of the parents took some great shots of me and I was really glad that we did. I love that I get to share the sport I love with young people and it can really help build the game. That second picture is me refereeing a middle school game. And yes, everyone is taller than me. #shortpeopleprobs I never thought that I’d want to referee. When I started, it was just my way of staying involved with the game. At some point, I’d like to coach, but given the regular-ness of rugby schedules across the country, it’s not something where I can do both easily. This will be the last bit of rugby for a while, as the latter part of the summer isn’t really a busy time of year. But it should get busy again in the fall! I can’t wait. Until then, I have this sexy watch tan (not my Apple Watch, but my referee watch is a big bulky clunker) to hold me over.

Casey has been gone a lot lately (and will be gone for even longer soon), including for my birthday (which I wrote about here). On the weekends, I’ve taken that as an excuse to head out to the pool as soon as it open. It gives me a great way to start my weekends and an excuse to start my weekends bright and early. I do enjoy catching the morning rays before all the kids get there and things get a little crazy. It’s the calm before the storm that is my weekend.

I went to Blingo, a fundraiser for a local women’s shooting group. I met the owner at a local MilSpo Project Meetup. Since Casey was gone, it was a good excuse to get out of the house. It cost me $15 but I won a Mary Kay pedicure basket from one of the local independent distributors! I was the youngest person there (not a shock, right?), but I really had a great time.

A couple of weeks in and the office is starting to really come together. I bought some additional office supplies, like those Poppin containers, and things are definitely more put together. I just ordered some bookshelves, also from Rawesome Concepts, that should really help complete the room. I should get them at the beginning of August and I’m already so excited for what it’ll all look like. I’m thinking of rearranging the room now, too, but I’m going to have to wait until the shelves actually come, which is going to be while Casey is gone.

Since Casey and I have birthday’s that are only 10 days apart, we decided to do one birthday dinner. We went to a local hibachi place and ate a ridiculous amount of food. We had so much leftovers that we ate two more meals out of it EACH. It was really nice to get dressed up for date night, which we haven’t done since moving to Bragg. We didn’t take an actual picture, but I did get this quick snap on our way there. It’s not often that Casey doesn’t complain about my snaps but I appreciated him making a face and being into it. Here’s to us both being 23. In case you didn’t know, I’m the older one in this relationship. It’s kind of funny because all the successful relationships on my mom’s side of the family have had older women (one aunt is two months older, another aunt is 12 years older, another is 9 years older, one is single, and my mom is divorced). It’s called a ‘Lima family’ trait that successful relationships involve older women.

I went off to my Venture for America Reunion this week in Providence, RI. We got an early screening of Generation Startup and it’s so great!! I cannot wait for it to be on Netflix for everyone to watch it, including Casey! Reunion has been so far and it feels so good to be reunited with so many of my favorite people.

So that’s what’s been going on lately with you?

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