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Life Lately // Week 33

August 13, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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You can see my last Life Lately post here.

It’s been four weeks since I lasted posted on the different things that are going on. It’s crazy to think just how much has happened since then!

I was in Baltimore for my company’s quarterly retreat. It was wonderful to get with my coworkers in-person again. I really did a terrible job because with five days in town, I did not take any pictures with my friends. I really did a great job of being present, but I didn’t get to capture any of the amazing memories on camera. I’m so lucky to have amazing friends (looking at you Sne!) who open up their hearts and homes to me repeatedly. #blessed

Y’all know that I’ve been working on some of my empties, as I’ve been trying to get through the big pile of cosmetics on my vanity. My Quarter 3 Spending Ban hasn’t even been that hard on the makeup portion of things! I think I did finish my last moisturizer, though, so I’m going to have to really dig into what I have or brainstorm what I’m doing to do about it. No exceptions to the no-makeup spending ban, even for moisturizer!

One things I did spend on was this Southern Elegance Candle. This is by far the most delicious candle I have EVER bought. It smells so strongly of peach. I was honored to meet the honor and she’s amazing. Also, they’re made locally! No, really, they’re build right here in Raeford, NC! #shopsmall is definitely a thing in our household and I would be happy to pay for these any day of the week.

Last weekend, Casey and I went down to Southern Pines. We had dinner at The Bell Tree Tavern (decent food, slightly pricey) with a good friend of ours. We were happily surprised when it turned into live music. One of my favorite things about living here is how much more time I spend outside. Seriously, it’s so nice to get all this fresh air. Casey and I talk about it all the time because one of our next priorities is getting patio set. Right now I just sit on the kitchen step-stool, haha.

Last night, I got together with a group of wonderful ladies. My Casey and Ellen(far left)’s Andrew are both away right now, so it’s nice to have people to get together with while the boys are gone. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone to do nothing with.

One of my sorority sister’s is in town for the month and I’ve gotten to have dinner with her twice. Kelly is one of my favorite people in the whole world, so it’s been really nice to be in the same place as her! Don’t let the fact that I haven’t been taking pictures lately be indicative of anything.

I started the weekend with a to-do list a mile long, with lots of things I plan on conquering over the next day and a half. A couple of weeks ago, I promised myself that if I did two weeks of Crossfit successfully, I would treat myself to a much-needed pedicure. Well, I did it! I tore up my hands and slammed my shins into the box jumps (my max is definitely 29″)  but I still went 4-5 times each week, which is my goal. Three more successful weeks and I’m going to give my hair some fresh color! Non-food rewards are definitely the way to go!

This morning’s pedicure left me with pink toes and all the energy to get things done! Happy Saturday!

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