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Life Lately // Week 43

October 21, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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If you’ve been a long time reader of Burke Does, you know that I like to track things by week in the year. I set goals by week of the year. You can’t see this, but I invoice clients by week of the year. For me, it’s just a number that makes sense. It’s much better to say Week 43 than to say “the third week in October.” You know those things where it’s like “This is how my brain works?” This is definitely one of them.

You can imagine how shocked I was when I realized my last Life Lately post was on Week 33! That was almost a whole quarter ago!

Let’s do a quick overview of the things going on in my life, shall we?

In August, my dad came to visit and he was down here for two weeks. I loved having him here. Even at 23, I am such a Daddy’s girl. My dad was in the 82nd back in the 70s in the post-Vietnam Army and it was such a different experience. We went to Mass at the All-American Chapel and visited the big birds that are there. He was really touched and emotional visiting. He even got to reconnect with one of his buddies! It was pretty awesome to see. Also, he stocked my freezer while he was here and… well, I’m not complaining.


Since I shared about my First Hero WOD, I’ve been getting more and more into Crossfit and set a 220 lb PR for Deadlifts. As I type this, I’m very excited because I know that today is deadlift at the gym. I’ve been sharing some of my workout videos on my Fitstagram. Tomorrow I’m going to be competing in my first CF meet! It’s called Crossfit for Carson and is helping raise funds for a little boy with leukemia. I’m a little nervous, but I know that this is for fun and for a good cause, so I’m just going to do my best with it.


I went to San Diego for FinCon and then I went to Baltimore for work and to catch up with some awesome friends. I was hope for less than a week before I went to Chicago for the LaRocque wedding, where Casey was a groomsman and got to be there for his best friend from high school.


The travel has taken its toll on me, my responsibilities, and my wallet. I’m hoping to just be home until Thanksgiving, Army-Navy/Baltimore in December, and then Christmas. Even writing that, though, it still feels like a lot. I want to stop spending and I feel like this is the one area of my life where I’m struggling to reign that in. I’m just so far geographically from my family and friends.


You know I’ve been doing a lot of loving on my two handsome fellows, Bo and Casey, lately. We’re in that stage right now where a lot of friends are have just deployed or are deploying and due to the circumstances of Casey’s current job that’s not on the radar for the next six months and I’m so grateful for it. Definitely, hugging him a little tighter as I watch my friends say goodbye to their guys.


Also, here’s a funny thing: As some of you might now, I’m okay with using Credit Cards, if you can pay them off, so I carry one as an emergency and try not to carry a balance month-to-month. My car is getting close to the end of its life and I’ve decided that when this last CC debt is paid off, I’m going to be focused on piling up money to buy a 10-14 K used car as close to “in cash” as possible. In my dream, I put that on my Southwest credit card and had *so many miles.* It made my heart very happy to say the least.

So that’s a bit of what’s going on lately.

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