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April 30, 2018
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Life has been a little busy around these parts. As part of moving to any new duty station, it’s important to put yourself out there to find your community. Now that I’ve left Bragg, I look back with rose-colored glasses. I’m so grateful that I had wonderful amazing people that I could have called at any point. The only way to find my people here at Hunter/in Savannah is by getting out there to meet new people.

My FRG is hosting a series of health and wellness events. The first one was at Crossfit High Tide, my regular box!  We did a deck of cards workout, where every suit is a different kind of movement and the face value of the card is the number of that movement that you have to do. As you can see from the white board, a 🔸 was a dumbbell push press, a ♠ was a goblet squat, a ❤ was a medball sit up, and a ♣ was a box jump. A 9⃣ of ♣ was a 9 box jumps. It was a fun way to do the workout and not really know what to expect. The team-work aspect of it gave me a chance to get to know a new person in my FRG!

We had these custom shirts made for this event too. Not everyone bought them, but I’m glad I did. On the front, they have the unit icon/symbol thing. I don’t have many tanks and it is HOT already here. This and the other one (for an event this week) are going to be lifesavers as it only gets hotter here!

We had our monthly coffee group, coincidentally in the same week. While there was some overlap, there were a lot of new faces that I got to meet, including our company FRG Leader and my Key Caller. It’s nice to put faces to text messages.

We had dinner at the The Fitzroy, an Australian inspired pub., highlighting lots of small, shared plates. I had the Golden Beet Salad with Shrimp. The environment was so welcoming and, despite being a big group, the staff was incredibly friendly! We really lucked out with the weather too! We got to enjoy socializing and desert on the rooftop!

I took this snap early on Saturday morning before heading to the gym. If you can ignore the large cardboard box on my floor, I hope you notice the pup sleeping in the background. Only proving my point…

This wonderful pup that I love dearly has learned what a pillow is. I’ve noticed lately that whether it’s on the couch, a bed, or the chair, he rests his head on a pillow for his frequent naps. For a couple of weeks now, I’ve woken up to him using ME as the pillow. I am not one to complain about extra puppy cuddles.

Orange Theory has been going well. I’ve still found myself pushing towards the 12 splat points per class, but I couldn’t hit that this week. I hit it last week (I got 16 splat points!), but I had 19 points in the grey category. This goes to show you that you can’t look at any individual metric to track progress. If I had only been tracking my splat points, I’d have thought I did worse this week. My overall performance improvement, though, is not reflected in my decrease splat points.

I watched Netflix’s Come Sunday after hearing about it on This American Life last week! Wow! It was so good. The podcast episode and Netflix original chronicle the story of Reverend Carlton Pearson, a rising star in the Pentecostal evangelical movement of the late 90s. After a religious epiphany, he casts aside the idea of hell and is named a heretic by the very faith organization he grew out of. I really enjoyed it and would recommend!

What’s going on in your life lately?

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