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April 1, 2018
AUTHOR: Emilie
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When was the last time you had one of those “holy cow that was a great weekend” hangovers on a Monday? And when did that hangover continue through every single day of the week? And then on to a second weekend? And that you look up and realize, you’ve been feel *great for bit now.

I’ve been having “that was great” hangovers for a couple of weeks now. We’ve talked before about seasons of life. Taylor of She Thrives puts it really well

we cannot (I repeat, cannot), be “on” 100% of the time, all the time, day in day out, until the end of time. There is bound to be an ebb to our flow. We cannot hit our peaks without wandering (happily) through some valleys, and we cannot expect our bodies to support our all-out effort all the dang time. In fact, if you repeatedly ignore your body’s request for rest, it will remind you who’s boss and force a rest upon you with an injury. Or as my friend Steph Gaudreau says, “sometimes you have to go slow to go fast”.

If we’re going to be really honest, I’ve not been in the best season for the last six months. I haven’t made it to the gym as reliably I wanted. I’ve started losing strength in a way that is frustrating. I’m not as motivated as I once was to do the things I would like to to. I’ve felt myself working under the deadline a lot more and, frankly, things without a deadly really just aren’t getting done. And, if I’m being totally honest, I’m really embarrassed to be admitting that here, in writing.

The last six months, really since September, have been rough. They’ve included a lot of irregular travel- Brasil, France, Spain, Portugal, Texas, South Carolina, a couple of trips up north to New England, and now Chile. This travel has really just kept me off kilter, as every time I felt that I was about to be back in my flow I was packing a suitcase or back on the road.

I see these changes most tangibly in my gym performance, as I’ve mentioned above. To be honest, I’m getting soft. I recently was telling someone that I did 24 pull ups for my 24th birthday and had the very real reminder that, well, I would not be able to do 25 for my 25th if I did not get my shit together real soon.

The only area in my life in which I’d give myself a real gold star over the last six months would be reading. As I head into April, I’m 50 pages shy of finishing my tenth book of the year- right on track with where I need to be to hit my goal of 36. As I’ve spent more time reading, I can’t help but ask myself what are all the things I’m sacrificing in order to get to this place.

While I certainly haven’t fixed the structural issues in my lifestyle right now- I’m still traveling more than I would like to be, my gym attendance is pisspoor, too much is left to the last minute, etc- for the first time in a very, very long time I’m feeling like I’m LMBL™- Living My Best Life- right now. March has been a phenomenal month that somehow has breathed life back into me.

The first weekend looked something like this:

After a long week at work, C and I went to Friday night dinner at Cotton & Rye, a farm-to-table restaurant in Savannah. We ate tapas style and ordered three appetizers that left us absolutely stuffed. The Shrimp and Grits is everything I could have ever imagined and more. Strongly recommend.

Dinner was followed by Front Porch Improv at Bull Street Labs. It was an intimate setting with probably 25 people in the audience. A sketch group wanted to test some new material, which was great to watch. The rest of the show was improv. For $10 per person, it was a phenomenal live performance that I would absolutely suggest exploring. I will definitely be going back.

After the dinner and show combination, we took a Lyft into downtown Savannah, where we started the night at our usual Kevin Barry’s. We spent a couple of hours dancing at Saddlebags, and it was a night well spent.

The next morning, we both headed out to Orange Theory Savannah for a cardio workout. I love love love that this is something that we’ve been doing together. The plan is to do Crossfit during the week- my CF is only 12 minutes from our house- and OTF later on Saturdays since it’s half hour away. I would like to figure out some sort of Orange Theory- Zoe’s Mediterranean- Grocery Shopping routine, but I haven’t yet found a grocery store that I

would like to be our regular store. I’ve been talking about wanting to run a half this year, so I have this is the strategy I’ve developed to train for it. As you may or may not know, I’m a bit of an all-or-nothing person. I don’t do things “in moderation”, so I’m either on the gym wagon every day or not at all; 3 times per week doesn’t work for me.

This particular weekend, we did do Orange Theory- Zoe’s Mediterranean- Grocery Shopping at a hipster-as-can-be grocery store that would kill me if I actually had to go there on a regular basis for. It was a fun adventure, though, and we bought some absolutely 🔥 bulk soup mix.

The next weekend went like this:

Friday night, we had the bombest shrimp and fish tacos from Flacos Tacos 2, right near our home. So good, so fresh. We had some friends come into town for Saint Patrick’s Day. We got them tacos too, took tequila shots, and headed downtown. After visiting Kevin Barry’s and spending a not insignificant amount of time on River Street, we ended the night at Saddlebags (see a trend?). After Saddlebags, we got drunk pizza and came home. After getting home, I took a 20 minute power nap before throwing my toothbrush in my already-packed suitcase and boarding a plan to New York where I’d be catching another plan to Sao Paulo to ultimately get me to Santiago Chile.

The week abroad for work-related things was so perfectly and terribly timed. Being in South America brings with it culture and better weather, and meeting new people can be exciting and recharging. I’m not the only schedule to consider, though. There’s the Army and they had their own set of plans. While I wanted to be wholly in the trip, the truth is that while my body was having a great time in Chile, a part of my heart wanted to be home for the things that I needed to be home for.

Nonetheless, I made a blast out of the week. I enjoyed the sun, the waterfalls, the hot springs, the learning opportunities, the weather, and the delicious meals. I spent the following weekend in Chile and then eventually returning home.

Last weekend looked like this:

I took Thursday and Friday off work. While we had planned to go on to Tybee Island, we must have had a miscommunication with the weather because it was not a series of beach days. Instead, we bought expensive groceries and made a fancy at-home dinner for which I wore a beautiful gown and C wore a suit. There was a lot of cheese, shrimp cocktail, and steak.

Friday night we tried one of our favorite seafood places, The Savannah Seafood Shack. I ate a waffle cone with cole slaw and fried shrimp. It sounds confusing, but it was impressively delicious. After dinner, we did Kevin Barry’s –> Savannah Smiles.

Saturday morning I did Orange Theory again. The night was a much quieter night with dinner only at The Public Kitchen and Bar with a friend. I had the Autumn Linguini and it was absolutely phenomenal. The dinner conversation was great. The meal was spectacular. The weather was perfect. Savannah was beautiful, as always.

Today was Easter Sunday, and it’s been a complicated day.

What Does This Mean?

Life is about to get a lot rockier than it has been, but for the first time in a long time I’m feeling up to the challenge. I’m really feeling recharged and good. I’m not feeling overwhelmed. I feel like I have a plan, and I’m comfortable with that plan. It doesn’t feel like an insurmountable task.

Don’t get me wrong- things aren’t perfect. I mean, we PCS’ed a month ago and.. uhm.. I’m still struggling in the friends department. I haven’t found a church yet. There’s still a lot of work that needs to be done, but I am confident that I’m strong enough to conquer it.

I feel strong. I feel good. I feel like I’m living my best life, and I’m loving it.


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