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March 2017 Goals

March 1, 2017
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Welcome to March’s goal setting report where I show you progress on last month’s goals, how I set goals, and set new goals for the month.

If you’re new to Burke Does, you may be wondering why I would want to publish my month goals and share my failures and vulnerabilites right with my successes. You can simply skip to the next section if you’re not new here.

This all started out as I learned to set goals. After many months of setting goals where I was never successful, I have learned to set goals that are meaningful and help me towards my bigger aim. I use my Powersheets from the Cultivate What Matters shop to help me stay focused on my big picture goals.

I set weekly goals over on Emilie’s To Do Lists. This is part of my goal-setting system. I set my big-picture (6-month or 12-month) goals at the beginning of each year. Every month, I spend time deciphering what I will take on to get me towards my bigger goals by setting the monthly goals you will see below. Every week I actively work towards my goals by making a plan to do so.

I use the system that I learned in Asana for Bloggers to manage the different aspects of my life. As not-a-fulltime-blogger, I have to use productivity systems to help me manage my life. I spent most of my 2016 focusing on establishing productivity systems that helped me get to where I am today.

If you’re interested in starting to change your productivity now, you can download my Weekly Kickstart to help you get things going!


Read // Read 2 Books. SUCCESS. I finished The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis. Both were phenomenal reads! I can’t suggest Hillbilly Elegy enough.

Financial // Have $$$ Set Aside for House Expenses. SUCCESS. I filed my taxes already (Thank you Sonia!!). I was not expecting to get a refund at all. In fact, I had set aside a lot of money to pay a tax bill. Between that money and the tax refund I’ll be getting (I already got my Maryland refund and am just waiting for North Carolina and my federal refund at this point), I feel comfortable about the amount of liquid cash I will have for the house.

Pray // Write down my prayers for 5 minutes 10 mornings this month. MEH. I wrote my prayers four times this month. I thought about it a lot more, but thoughts don’t really count here. I definitely enjoyed doing this, but need to figure out how to do it more often.

Fitness // Crossfit 16x this month. SUCCESS. I worked out 20 times this month, even though I traveled one week this month! This was probably one of my most active months yet.

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Fitness // Trial ROMWOD. FAIL. I actually decided to go in a different direction. Being realistic with myself, I knew I wasn’t going to do it while I was in Nashville, so I didn’t sign up. Then I decided I wanted to splurge on some personal training rather than going this route. I think that after the Open and my personal training, I’ll probably decide to go this route. Maybe it’s better to characterize this as a “Pause” than as a “Fail.”

BD // Launch email series on BD. FAIL. I wrote half of this series! Half! That’s a start! I’ll get it done this month! I did launch the new newsletter though.

BD // Make a plan for full portfolio of sites. SUCCESS. Yes! I made a plan! I put that plan in Asana. Slowly but surely, I’ve been executing on that plan!

Stitching // Finish North Carolina Needlepoint Ornament. FAIL. I didn’t touch my needles at all this month. Whoops. I’m going to be more conscientious about this this month!

March’s Goals

Read // Read 3 Books. I plan on finishing Grit in the beginning of the month, so I’d like to still get two more books read!

Pray // Write down my prayers for 5 minutes 5 times this month. Basically, once per week. I’m just aiming to do this once per week. Like I said above, this is something I’ve really enjoyed doing, I just have to make the time to do it.

Fitness // Crossfit 18x this month. February was rough on my body, so I might scale the workouts back a bit, but this is still a pretty intense level of commitment, considering I will be traveling again this month.

Fitness // Get 5 Double Unders on video! I’ve been working so hard on my double unders. I know I’m so close to getting these so I’m setting this as a goal for the month. I’m going to try to work on them for 2 minutes every day.

BD // Pitch 8 shops on SoFab. Trying to grow that BD income.

BD // Start work with Confetti Social (Pinterest Revamp). I’m so excited to be working with Jenny and helping grow the BD Pinterest presence again!

BD // Launch a new opt-in on BD. I’m half-way there!

Technology // Write about 5 of my Python Projects. These were small projects that I’d like to write about since it’ll be good for me to work on more of these and write about visit code I’ve written and been separated from for a little bit.

Stitching // Stitch for 30 minutes once per week. This is a doable goal! I just have to do it once per week!

If you’re interested in starting to change your productivity now, you can download my Weekly Kickstart to help you get things going!

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