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March 2018 Goals

March 1, 2018
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Welcome to February’s Goal Setting Post! I love writing these every single month because they force me to sit down and evaluate how I’m doing, more specifically, how am I trending towards the end of the year. Am I making progress on the goals I’ve set for myself? Are those goals still relevant? If not, they go. No time to waste on things that aren’t important! Instead, I’m focusing on the things that I want to finish!

Remember that my monthly goals are all aiming to bring me closer to the 10 goals I set for myself in 2018, all centered around my word of the year of Finish. They are:

  1. Read 36 books with buying ANY.
  2. Get into and sustain the best shape of my life.
  3. Stitch my Baltimore ornament in time to have it finished for Christmas (July).
  4. Budget together to hit our financial goals.
  5. Date each other more intentionally.
  6. Correct legal & business systems for the business.
  7. Invest in ME without spending any more money.
  8. Rebrand all content from BD to She Does Better.

February Goal Recap

February Monthly Goals

  • Read 3 books. 👎 This month, I only read two books: Get Money by Kristin Wong and Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis.
  • Have one date night out ✅ and one budgeting date. ✅ We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day date and our budgeting date a couple of weekends ago.
  • Finish writing evergreen content for February ✅ and March. 🆗 Almost done with March, but not quite, quite there yet.
  • Finish getting contracts sorted out with help from CAI. 👎 Not at all. Didn’t even work on this for a minute
  • Finish final project for Udacity course ✅ and sign up for Term 2. ✅ FINALLY. And Term 2 starts in the middle of March.
  • Finish launching new brand. 👎 The PCS got the best of me, but we’re SO close.
  • Add Welcome Funnel to new opt-ins in ESP. 🆗
  • Update Top 6 Posts from 2017 with new graphics, opt-ins, and zhushed content! 👎 Too many goals, not enough Emilie.

February Weekly Goals

  • Dress up at-home date night. ✅ We were really good at this!
  • Read 150 Pages. ✅ I did read a ton, I just picked huge books 🙄
  • Wedding Planning Progress. This month I needed to: send the save the dates ✅, finish our registry at BB&B ✅, schedule our preCANA 👎, make a beauty plan👎, figure out the veil situation ✅, book the florist ✅, and finalize the bridesmaids dresses ✅. Lots of progress, but still more to do.
  • Check in with Stephanie on our BB Progress. ✅ On track here!
  • Weekly goal setting posts on ✅ I missed the last week, but close enough.

February Daily Goals

  • Go to the gym. Monday through Saturday. 30 minutes on the Assault Bike on Sundays. 👎 Lol, I didn’t go to the gym because moving is so much.
  • 20 minutes of stitching. Needlework is good for the brain. 👎 I stitched some, but way less than half of the month.
  • Write 700 Words. On my Freewrite. Every morning!! 👎 Nah, not my best writing month.
  • Track my reading. ✅ I read EVERY SINGLE DAY in February and that is a big deal.

Here are my Powersheets goals for March:

March Prep Work

What’s On My Calendar, Important To Dos, & Things I’m Excited For

It’s crazy to think that we’re in the final push of the first quarter! This month, I’ll be attending the Military Spouse Wellness Summit. I’ll also be traveling to Chile for a week. We’re in a new home, so there are lots of things to do around turning the apartment into our home. The travel comes at a shitty time, even though I’m excited for it.

My goal for this month is to FINISH Settling- not an easy mission at all.

March Monthly Goals

March Weekly Goals

  • Dress up at-home date night.
  • Read 150 Pages.
  • Wedding Planning Progress. This month I needed to:Beauty Plan, Pre Cana, Veil, Cake Ideas, Finalize Florist Details, Sign DJ Contract, Touch base with photographer & videographer, touch base with ceremony musicians.
  • Check in with Stephanie on our BB Progress.
  • Weekly goal setting posts on

March Daily Goals

  • Workout.
  • Write 350 words.
  • Read.
  • Listen to audio.
  • Udacity.

Your turn! Do you have goals for February? What are trying to make happen this month?

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