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March 2016 Goals

February 29, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Social Media Check-in

February: Twitter, 1213; Instagram, 2286; Pinterest, 598; Facebook, 525; Bloglovin, 313 = 4935
March: Twitter, 1225 (+12); Instagram, 2279 (-7); Pinterest, 766 (+168); Facebook, 533 (+8); Bloglovin, 384(+71) = 5187 (+252)
We went up 5% this month!  Despite our original Pinterest bump in the road, we’re growing so well! I invested in Tailwind yesterday after using the free trial and I have to say, I am so so sooooo happy. I think it’s made a HUGE difference in how often we pin and our traffic! I am so happy to see that going well! If you want to try Tailwind, this link will get you your first month of Plus for FREE!

February Goals

Blog // Join three Pinterest Collaborative Boards. SUCCESS. We joined TWENTY-EIGHT Collaborative Boards all relevant to our content. Thanks to the “lists” feature on Tailwind pinning to these boards has been crazy easy!
Blog //Pitch 8 Sponsored Posts that align with our blog goals. FAIL. I changed my mind. I didn’t do this because I decided I didn’t want to. It no longer aligned with my vision and what I’m working on for the blog.
Blog // Get further ahead for minimal blogging while visiting Casey!! SUCCESS.

Emilie // Theme of the Month: Share the love. SUCCESS. So much pinning and these read-ing all of our blogger friends!
Emilie // Home: Reorganize Drawers and Purge, if needed. SUCCESS! Nothing to purge, which isn’t a shock, since I did that right before I moved!
Emilie // Me Time: At least one mani/pedi. CHANGE OF PLANS. I ended up surprise flying to Georgia to be with Casey for Valentine’s Day!
Emilie // Health/Fitness: Find One-Rep Maxes. FAIL. I forgot?
Emilie // Financial: Pay off $500 in debt, Save >$75MIXED RESULTS. I paid off $413.19 in February, so close, but I did save $90!
Emilie // Be Social: Two Rugby Refereeing Experiences & One “extra” Junior League- Baltimore Event. MIXED RESULTS. I referee’d FIVE games this month over three days! On the other hand, the “extra” event I was planning on attending last Thursday was cancelled, but I am excited for Firesides tonight, even though it’s just my monthly event!
Emilie // Dream Big: Follow up with second prospective stream of blog revenue (besides sponsored posts). SUCCESS. And we’re making money through Numus Digital, which I would recommend to any blogger.

Laura// Be nice to my sister. FAIL. My sister was really mean to me. [Editor’s Note: pretty true]
Laura// Eat out less. SUCCESS.
Laura// Time management. FAIL.

March goals
On to March…

Blog // Build out As Seen On Page
Blog // Finalize editorial calendar skeleton
Blog // Parts 2.o, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0 of the Blog Business Plan with my blogger friend and accountability buddy Sarah

Emilie // Theme of the Month: Minimalism – Spend less, Do less, Focus more
Emilie // Home: Reorganize Closet!
Emilie // Me Time: At least one mani/pedi. Please, Emilie, do it for yourself. You budget will give you room and you need to take care of yourself too. Remember an athlete’s greatest tool.
Emilie // Health/Fitness: Try a beep test
Emilie // Financial: Pay off $500 in debt AND Save Flex Money for Georgia, Goal:$150, Stretch: $200.
Emilie // Be Social: Buy or make something special for Carol’s baby shower this monthEmilie // Dream Big: Submit HPE Proposal!

Laura// Spend less money because I’m currently on vacation and vacation is very expensive.
Laura// Try 3 new foods.
Laura// Do something adventurous!

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