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May 2016 Goals

May 2, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Social Media Check-in

April: Twitter, 1415; Instagram, 2271; Pinterest, 1009; Facebook, 539; Bloglovin, 562 = 5796
May: Twitter, 1400 (-15); Instagram, 2260 (-11); Pinterest, 1031 (+22); Facebook, 542 (+3); Bloglovin, 568 (+6) = 5801 (+5), .8%


I’m over caring about numbers and stuff. I blog because I want to and I love to help you, but number is not what the game is about. So, Emilie, why are you tracking this? It’s cool to have and see organic growth.

April Goals

Blog // Think through categories and tags. SUCCESS. Okay, maybe a half success. I’m happy with our categories, but I’m still trying to figure out the best way to use tags.
Blog // Review featured images. SUCCESS. I added the Post List Featured Image plugin. It allows me to see all the featured images in all our posts and it’s been amazing!
Blog // As Seen on Page. FAIL. Didn’t even get to touch this. Ugh.

Emilie // Theme of the Month: Reunited and it feels so good
Emilie // Home: Purge craft stuff and try to sell some of it. FAIL. I didn’t get to touch this stuff and all, but I’m hoping to deal with it at the end of the move.
Emilie // Me Time: Date night. SUCCESS. Yes, aren’t we beautiful? A picture here.
Emilie // Health/Fitness: Gym dates with my handsome boyfriend. SUCCESS. Yes, also, I went on a couple of runs outside which was almost as nice as gym dates!
Emilie // Financial: Stay under budget, despite travels. FAIL. So much fail. Ugh.
Emilie // Be Social: Finalize the plans for the Conroy Wedding & start making plans for the Eckstrom Wedding! SUCCESS. The Conroy Wedding was so much fun! We’re looking forward to the Eckstrom Wedding, but we’re not booking anything for a while, I think.
Emilie // Dream Big: Start getting price quotes for movers.SUCCESS. Not only did I get price quotes, but I booked movers! And they’re coming tomorrow!

Laura // To be honest no matter the situation or the possible consequences. SUCCESS.
Laura // To be more money savvy considering I am preparing for graduation and excepting a job in the real world. FAIL. I have yet to find a way to be money savvy when I’m just the definition of broke
Laura // Creating an outline budget for next year with possible salary base by location and the possible job. MIXED RESULTS. I had Emilie build a budget for me, but I have yet to look over so I got half accomplished.


On to May…

Because I’m going to be moving in May I’m setting fewer goals so that I don’t set myself up for failure.

Blog // Write according to editorial calendar
Blog // Build out twitter lists

Emilie // Theme of the Month: As close to normal
Emilie // Home: Pack, Move, Unpack, Get Settled, Find a routine.
Emilie // Me Time: Mani/Pedi, ideally with my sister.
Emilie // Health/Fitness: Find a gym that I like in my new home.
Emilie // Financial: Crunch numbers and make a new budget and find someone to sublease my apartment.
Emilie // Be Social: Transfer Junior League Membership.
Emilie // Dream Big: Get a work schedule, that includes freelance hours.

Laura // Get a job.

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