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December 7, 2015
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Sorry folks, I’ve totally been MIA lately (lol. MIA in the MIA- I try to be funny, okay.) I got into a car accident almost two weeks ago and so I’ve been trying to adapt to life without a car – extreme struggles. This has given me the opportunity to get a little better acquainted with Miami’s transit system, which I’ve found to be pretty disappointing actually.

I live in the South Miami / Coral Gables area, so I have two train stations within a 15-30 minute walk from me. You would think that would make it easy to commute to places, however something that is a 15 minute drive can easily turn into an hour between public transportation and walking.

I volunteer with the Little Lighthouse Foundation at their weekly Story Hour event at the Chapman Partnership. It is a great volunteer opportunity for anyone in the area, but I found the perspective I got of the area much more profound when I had the opportunity to experience it the way the people who live there do. Story Hour is basically an opportunity to come out and become a part of a community of people who care about reading to children and getting them engaged in fun activities.

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It is a lower income area and many people do not drive. I walked around for 45 minutes exploring between the train station and the Chapman Partnership, which is a homeless shelter. In those 45 minutes, I passed a bar/ cafe, and approximately four corner stores. I was disappointed to find out that none of those stores carried any type of fresh produce – an apple, a salad – and though 3 of them advertised having subs for sale, none of them did. One of them was selling fried chicken and fried fish, but those are the kinds of food I’m trying to avoid.
I guess, overall, I was just disappointed to see that people who live in these areas are actually limited to what they can eat due to its availability. I live a 20 minute drive away and normally pass multiple supermarkets and venues with fresh food, but in my 45 minutes exploring and asking around I could not find one place that served anything made with fresh ingredients that weren’t deep fried.

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I think it really says something about the world we live in.

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