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My Morning Routine // September 2018

September 4, 2018
AUTHOR: Emilie
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When we chronicle a day, whether through words or pictures, we take a snapshot in time. We freeze that memory when we capture it. A picture, the story, the note jotted down on a napkin– seeing and reading these captured moments gives us the opportunity to re-experience them and the feelings associated with them.

That’s why I love writing these morning routine blog posts. They give my chance to read what that particular moment in life was like and, as a result, I get the joy from reminiscing about that season.

For nearly a year, though, I haven’t written about my morning routine. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. The last time I really wrote about my morning routine was August 2017. I did reflect on it that November, but it just changed with that season and the morning routine experiment fell flat.

For you and for me (mostly for me), I’m capturing this season of life, especially as it is rapidly coming to a close. My hope is that this can be a source for you if you’re looking for inspiration for your own morning routine.

7 AM- Wake up, Brush teeth, Get Dressed
7:30 AM- Eat breakfast
8 AM- Bible study or read book over tea
8:30 AM- Walk Bo
9 AM- Start Work
5 PM- End Work, Go To Crossfit High Tide
5:30 PM- WOD
6:30 PM- Thank God I survived
7 PM- Get Home, Dinner, Read, Netflix, Clean, Dishes, Fold Laundry, Maintain House
11 PM- Bed

That seems simple, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is.

I’m in this season of cutting, of saying no, and of eliminating obligation to create room for what is to come. Part of how I’m doing that is by keeping work to work hours only.

One of the tendencies of working from home is feeling like I’m always “on.” Every moment, especially those spent at a computer, can feel like an opportunity to work. When you enjoy work it can feel good to keep going, to push something over the line when you’ve suddenly had a 💡 moment. By limiting work to my work hours, though, I’m giving myself permission to clock in and out. The fact of the matter is that my brain is going to continue to try to solve those problems even when I’m not seated at my desk. The trick is recognizing, appreciating, and being grateful for the a-ha moments, noting the solution, and setting it aside for my next work day. This is a constantly evolving battle, but it’s one worth working actively focusing on. This doesn’t mean I don’t love my job; quite the contrary. (In fact, I’m feeling more professionally fulfilled than I have in a long time.) It means that I love my job so much that I value caring for my mental longevity- and I’m lucky enough to work at a special place that cares about me caring for my mental longevity!

Longtime readers will recognize the evening workout as different! I’ve never developed an evening workout routine before this season. This decision came from limited morning workout options at my current Box and that I needed a clear transition between work and not-work. I am certainly not as prone to pushing myself when I’m already pooped for the day, but I take what I can get.

This schedule is very different from any schedule I’ve ever maintained before. It starts later and it ends later than most routines I’ve shared. It’s simple. It doesn’t involve writing, journaling, or free-time coding. It’s about making do with the energy I’ve got.

I’d be amiss to not recognize that in this season of solo-living it takes me longer to recharge. The fact of the matter is that we choose someone to do life with, and deployments take that person away for extended periods of time. This extended period of time has included international travel, planning a wedding, and getting settled into a new city. Though it ebbs and flows, more often than not I find myself exhausted. Not in a “wow that was a great workout” or a “work is burning me out” sort of way, but in a mentally-emotionally-spiritually way that requires I just lay in bed and cuddle Bo for a little bit and thank God for FaceTime and my FRG.

My morning routine now isn’t productive. It’s not about knocking things off or getting all of the things done. It’s about giving myself enough battery that I can run through the day, not just surviving but with just a little bit of thriving too.

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