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My Workout Routine // Fit for Me

September 3, 2015
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Fit For Me

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As I get settled into a new home and a new routine, this has been a great time to make a workout regiment part of my new routine. When you have a lifestyle haul, it’s the perfect time to readjust and get rid of old habits or bring in new ones. Because of this, I’ve been able to work working out into my new regular routine and I’m love it!

Every morning I wake up without an alarm clock around 6.30 AM. This gives me the time to wake up, drinking some water, brush my teeth, and throw on some workout clothes before heading down to the gym, which is conveniently in my building. I’ve found that without a screaming alarm clock, the easiest way to actually wake up has been to throw on a podcast so that I’m listening to something and am not tempted to get back into bed.

At the gym, I warm up with a short mile run before a good stretch. I’ve been working with a virtual personal trainer who has developed an eating plan and workout plan for me. (Since these are paid for and her work, I will not share them here, but I will share more information on this down the road.) I’ve found this to be immensely worthwhile for me and worth the financial investment because it helps me with accountability and it gives me the guidance of what to do. One of the most painful things about working out, for me, is that I dread what I don’t know how to do and developing workout plans is definitely one of them. I try to finish my workout with another deep stretch before I head back to my apartment to eat, shower, and get ready for work.

Despite just graduating, I’m not ready to hang up the rugby cleats just yet. I’ve joined a Baltimore-area women’s team. I’ve only been to a couple of practices so far, but it feels really good to get back on the pitch and almost tackling again. I’ve been doing that twice a week. Once games start, that will be once per week.

I feel like I’m pushing myself, but I don’t feel like I’m going overboard.

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What does your work out routine look like right now?

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