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March 9, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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I mentioned earlier this month that I’ve been taking an online class. I paid for it on December 20th and was set to start it on January 4. It’s now March and I’m still struggling through the same class. It was meant to be four weeks, but it’s been exceptionally hard.

First, the course is hard because it’s tough material. Second, the course is hard because I have to set aside the time to do it myself. Because the course is hard, I’m not motivated to set aside the time to do it. Not being motivated to take the course makes it even harder. Do you see my dilemma?

 photo Day 9_zpsimapxzv3.jpg
Frankly, and since I’m being really honest in my feelings this month I’m going to be frank, I’m disappointed in myself. I’ve never really had a difficult time being a self-starter at any point in my life. I’m clearing through books (It’s only the ninth and I’ve already finished three this month!). I’m blogging regularly and my blog is growing. I’m staying on top of my work. But I can’t get through this class.

It’s four weeks for at least one real dedicated hour per day. I have to start again soon. I keep setting it as an arbitrary goal. I’m pretty sure another class starts on Monday.

Part of my mission this month is to prioritize the things in my life, including figuring out where this already-paid-for class stands in my list of priorities. I’m recognizing that I only have so many hours in a day and I need to be able to figure out where to put my energy. I need to do so, though, in a way that doesn’t lead to decision fatigue. In other words, I need to not leave the decisions for the day-of, when I come home from work tired from the day. I need to make a plan for execution. Prioritization is just one step to creating my master plan.

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